BAC Women's Legal Rights Club Visits Home of Peace

BAC's Women's Legal Rights Club (WLRC) is a recent trailblazer making their purpose widely known with the tagline "Women's Rights are Human Rights." They have been raising money for women rescued from human trafficking and visiting homes for children to educate them on their rights as a woman.

On 4th March 2023, 5 members of WLRC visited Home of Peace in KL, where they met about 16 kids. They started off the session with an introduction; the kids introduced themselves along with their hobbies and ambitions. This helped break the ice with the kids, and they were then prepared for the nitty gritty.

As per the aim of WLRC to empower and educate women, the volunteers started the talk with a section on rape and consent. They explained to the kids what they should do in the event they are raped, and how they should proceed in order to ensure there is evidence that can be collected. They then touched a bit on consent, and how a certain criteria must be specified in order for consent to happen.

Next, they shared on domestic violence. The volunteers explained that domestic violence is not only limited to physical abuse but can cover psychological, financial and digital abuse as well. They ended the talk by showing the children the Women's Aid Organisation (WAO) website, including the hotline and specific materials they can read if they're interested to know more. The kids then proceeded to ask the volunteers questions about what they can do in certain situations, to which they got their clarifications.

Since there was a bit of time left, the volunteers played a short game of 'Broken Telephone' with the kids, which was a fun way to end the session. Besides visiting the home to educate the children, WLRC also took the time to purchase some basic necessities for the home with sponsorship from BAC as well as over RM350 worth of donations!

The children were definitely enriched by this experience and learned something from it. If you want to be a part of this journey to empower and educate women, find out more at BAC Women's Legal Rights Club's Instagram or join them at!