BAC2WORK: Malaysia’s First Internship Platform

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To better equip job-ready graduates, BAC2WORK, Malaysia’s first internship platform, an initiative by BAC Education Group was launched last year. It integrates real-world experience to university interns whilst contributing towards aiding company challenges directly through a hybrid of practical and research-oriented, project-based experiential learning engagements. 

BAC2WORK connects the different education institutions within the BAC Education Group with industry partners for collaborative partnerships. This initiative allows students to experience real-world and hands-on engagements whilst still undergoing their studies. These experiences also enables students to hit the ground running upon completing their education with BAC Education, and in return, industry partners gain valuable insights into the untapped potentials, ideas and creativity of students.  

Working alongside our team of experiential learning academics, partners are able to develop projects, covering all major spectrums such as, business, information technology, communication, law, design, corporate social responsibility and many more. With numerous flexible options available, industry partners are able to choose the engagement that best suits their needs.  

BAC2WORK enhances experiential learnin through project-based learning and teaching pedagogies. By providing a variety of options and engagements such as virtual internships, capstone industry projects, it even has an in-built management capability to allow seamless coordination and management of tasks and projects.  

Our programmes provide students with international learning experiences that stimulate and develop communication, collaboration, creativity, and problem-solving skills. These aptitudes are essential in an increasingly challenging global environment.  

The BAC2WORK initiative guarantees students’ learning experiences by introducing and exposing them to real-world experiences, remote working, and soft skills enhancement, besides laying down vast networking opportunities.  

In short, BAC2WORK connects the industry to education, and enhances graduate job readiness.