BAC's Indian Cultural Society Celebrates Deepavali

Although Deepavali has already passed, celebration was still abuzz for BAC's Indian Cultural Society (ICS)!

On 3rd December 2022, the club held their inaugural DEEPA BAC event, celebrating the Festival of Lights. This time, they invited the Indian Cultural Society of Universiti Malaysia Terengganu (UMT).

The event kicked off with a bharatanatyam performance by some members of the club.

Ms. Thevaroobini, BAC's ICS Advisor, then lighted the kuthu vilakku, which is an oil lamp commonly lit during auspicious celebrations.

The event then continued with a dance by committee members, showcasing their talent in cultural art. The guests from UMT also displayed their artistic skills with a dance of their own.

The night also saw three competitions! The first was a kolam competition, where students showed off their creativity and love for art. A few other competitions took place concurrently. There was a fashion show, with the best dressed being crowned as the winner, as well as a murukku eating competition, which saw many excited faces biting into this must-have treat during Deepavali.

There was also a 'Guess the Sweet' competition, where participants were blindfolded and made to taste a common Indian sweet such as gulab jamun, jilebi, achi murukku and palkova.

To add to the festive excitement, there was also a booth offering henna services and another selling various types of Indian sweets, dominated by the Malaysian staple, murukku.

With the addition of these booths, this event managed to raise a total of RM215.35!

After all the competitions were done, prize-giving took place. Each winner received a small gift for their effort and participation. In between, there were several singing and dance performances to hype up the crowd.

As the event came to a close, a couple of speeches from the President and Club Advisor introduced new participants to ICS and what they usually do.

Once all formalities of the day was complete, the team opened up the dance floor. This livened the party even more, bringing a successful event to a perfect end.

"I really enjoyed planning this event. It's the very first that we planned at this scale after the pandemic and I'm so happy to see how it turned out!" said Satiswaran, the President of ICS.

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