Baddie To Smash!

A sporty celebration of Malaysia Day by BAC's LEO and Badminton Clubs

Malaysia Day is all about commemorating our history and celebrating community. Nothing brings people together more than sports, and nothing brings Malaysian people together more than the sport of badminton. So, in celebration of Malaysia Day, the LEO and Badminton Clubs of BAC got in touch with their collaborative spirits to organise a fun, active session of our country's most beloved game.

person holding white shuttlecock

The session was held at the Challenger Sports Centre in Petaling Jaya, and committee members arrived earlier at 4:15pm to complete preparations and register for the courts. LEO Club member Dhakshayani Yoganandha kicked off the event by leading everyone through a warmup session to ensure that participants were prepped and ready to play.

Participants were paired off to play doubles at their own pace and leisure. The flexibility of the event ensured the accommodation of players of all skill levels, allowing everyone to play freely, without the pressure to be competitive.

white bird flying during daytime

Everyone got to mingle and mix with other participants of the event, encapsulating the Malaysia Day spirit of unity and teamwork. It was a great opportunity for members from each club to build camaraderie and cheer each other on through wins and losses.

man in white and red crew neck t-shirt and black shorts playing basketball

The session came to a successful conclusion at 7:00pm, and after a hearty three hours of badminton, everyone was eager to partake in another great tradition of Malaysian culture: makan!

It truly was a wonderful way to celebrate Malaysia Day.