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Summer Intensive Mooting Workshop

The BAC Mooting Society is always ready to impart their knowledge to new, and existing mooters. They are always looking for talent to represent BAC in external mooting competitions, and are on a mission to develop these talents in order to prepare them for real-life courtroom sessions. They also aim to groom participants for upcoming Internal Mooting Championships!

With this, once again, they organised the 2024 Summer Intensive Mooting Workshop, a way to train students in the art of mooting. The workshop took place over two days, each day covering a different aspect of mooting.

Day 1: Oral Submission

The first day of the workshop was conducted by Mr. Abd Azim bin Abd Razak, a Principal at Rahmat Lim & Partners. He spoke to the students about the basics of mooting, the details of the marking rubric and how one can answer questions posed by the judges.

It was a beneficial session with many students and beginner mooters asking questions to equip themselve further for the upcoming Internal Mooting Championship.

Day 2: Written Submission

The next day, the workshop continued with a session on written submission conducted by Ms. Lavinia Kumaraendran, Partner at Lavania & Balan Chambers. She emphasised the importance of being concise, direct and accurate. She briefed students on the format of their written submissions and how they can elevate them.

The session allowed for participants, especially new mooters to gain clarifications on the best way to convey their points and how they can help the judges understand their submission.

If you are interested in knowing more about mooting, you can visit the BAC Mooting Society's Instagram or stay tuned for the details of the grand finale of the competition, which will be open to spectators!

See you there!

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