Careers For Creative People

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The passionate, the dreamers, the big thinkers, and the innovators – different ways used to describe the creative side of a person. The creative field usually involves imagination and original thinking, particularly, work in the arts and media.

So, what are types of jobs suitable for those with a creative streak? Here are some of the top five careers to consider.

1. Advertising and Marketing Manager

Working in advertising and marketing usually requires creating campaigns to promote products and services. It sometimes involves writing, reviewing and approving creative materials to be run in print, radio, television or even web media categories as advertisements.

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2. Videographer

For those interested in technical skills in the creative field, broadcast production would be the ideal path. Broadcast production requires a focus on skills that include producing, directing, and operating complex video equipment for multi-camera sports, news, musical performances, and other reality-based programmes in the studio or on location. This course also prepares students for decision-making as well as technical responsibilities in broadcast, cable, and alternative video production.

3. Journalist

Another career that can be considered by those who are creatively inclined is Journalism. With the rise of online media, there is always a need for writers. Journalism involves researching and reporting events that impact people’s lives and society in different ways. There are several types of journalism that covers various aspects of life and appeals to different groups of news consumers. There are also varying requirements on how to report the facts objectively. Positions include on-air, online and print journalists, all requiring a good grasp of creative writing.

4. Event Manager

Keen on planning and co-ordinate events? Then, event management may be the suitable path for you! Event management is all about planning and organising events, meetings, conferences, and parties for all occasions – from high demand corporate shindigs to intimate weddings – and ensuring such events run smoothly.

5. Graphic Designer

Do you enjoy creating designs from scratch? Traditionally, graphic design involved designs for print media as well as individual graphic elements such as logos and signage. With the boom in digital interfaces, it now increasingly involves designing for interfaces such as websites and apps. Whether the design is displayed online or in print, the same fundamental principles of graphic design apply across all media and interfaces.

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