Certificate in Legal Practice

Legal Profession Qualifying Board (LPQB)



General Paper

This module covers the study of the law of tort and contract in Malaysia. You will gain an understanding of the basic principles of the drafting of pleadings, legal principles, relevant case laws and a good understanding of the Malaysian Law of Torts and Contract.

Civil Procedure

This module introduces you to the body of procedural law in Malaysia that sets out the rules and standards for the civil courts when adjudicating civil actions. You will learn to understand the application of these provisions and relevant procedure which governs the various aspects of civil procedure.

Criminal Procedure

You will study the rules governing a criminal adjudication process. This includes the investigation, charging, bail applications, jurisdictional issues, sentencing as well as procedures in relation to criminal appeal. You will learn to understand the aims and nature of Malaysian criminal justice system.


You will gain an understanding of the different rules which govern admissibility of evidence in Malaysia in which you are required to apply relevant legal principles in different factual situations. You will be introduced to the objectives and principles of the Law of Evidence and learn to relate the same to issues which arise in civil and criminal proceedings.

Professional Practice

This module introduces you to the rules governing the professional conduct of advocates and solicitors in Malaysia as well as the professional ethics which should be adhered to in legal practice.  You will also learn to apply the principles of land law, bankruptcy and winding up as well as probate and administration of estates.