Chinese Debate Club's Spring Debate Showcase

BAC's Chinese Debate Club often joins competitions and has established a reputation for BAC. This year, they decided to show the rest of the student body what their club is all about. They hosted a Spring Festival Debate Showcase.

The event started off with an opening speech by the club committee, introducing the Chinese Debate Club and what they do, encouraging the rest of the students to join. They also briefed the audience on how the debate would go and what audience members could do, explaining that there would be a Q&A and voting session after the debate.

Once the briefing was over, the debate commenced! These were the debaters:



Tang Jing Lin

Grace Khoo Ci Xuan

Law Mei Hung

Guok Zhi Jing

Sidney Tay Jun Yao

Low Wei Fan

Irwin Lau Cheng Eng

Joshua Hu You Zheng

They debated on the topic of whether or not one should inform their best friend if their partner cheats, with interesting remarks given by both sides. It was a debate filled with many twists and turns, as well as controversial opinions.

While the students voted, they were given the chance to ask the debaters any burning questions they had in mind about the earlier debate, and debate in general. It was an insightful discussion with students gaining more knowledge about debate. They then announced the winner, which was the government side!

"This is a nice event and I enjoyed the showcase very much," said Foo Sze Yang, a participant in the event.

Committee member Law Mei Hung had this to say: "This event was a great platform for me to test my debate skills. I enjoyed putting myself out there and I hope many people join the Chinese Debate Club!"

In the end, many students were recruited to join the club and the event was indeed a successful one. If you are interested to debate in Chinese, check out Chinese Debate Club's Instagram, or click the button below to join!