Clubs and Societies Recruitment Drive

The time has come; BAC's clubs and societies are having their annual recruitment drive. Every single club and society has gathered on the BAC campus to spread the word about their club and society to get the attention of new students and students that have yet to join a club or society.

It is undoubtedly an exciting event. Each club had its own game and activity that showcased the unique aspects of their club. The Chess Club had an opportunity to take on their president in a chess battle. The Debate Club had a small debate based on random topics.

Each club gave just a taste of what they're all about, and the crow loved it. Each club had at least half a dozen people throughout, surrounding their booths and actively taking part in conversations and activities.

The presidents of the clubs were ecstatic to see the crowed. With Chess Club President, Diksha Suri, saying ----->

Excitement was certainly in the air throughout campus. Even I personally took part in these activities, and it was a blast - I signed up for a couple of clubs myself!

One of the clubs is the Debate Club! Taking part in the mock debate with debate member Muhil Logandran was a fun time. Debating whether or not the ocean is a soup was an interesting one, for sure.

"I just put a chess board and the people came rolling in! We definitely had a higher turnout this time around."
Chess Club President - Diksha Suri

Recruitment drives like this are excellent ways to connect students with people who share similar interests, ideals, and cultures. Clubs like the BAC Christian Fellowship and The Sikh Society are just a couple of clubs that people of similar backgrounds can join and connect with.

There is even an Indian Cultural Society and a Japanese Culture Club for students to take part in and connect with. BAC hosts a plethora of different clubs for people of different interests, and they were all present at the recruitment drive!

Groups like The Mooting Society and The Law Society are excellent societies for BAC students to join to further expand their legal skills and knowledge with fellow students. The former even gives students opportunities to take part in mooting competitions.

Even The Law Society President - William Tong had nothing but great things to say about this recruitment drive!

"The engagement of the drive had great turned out as multiple students were eager to learn more about the society and wanted to explore areas in which they can potentially thrive in."
William Tong
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Missed out on the recruitment drive? Well, it's never too late to join a club or society at BAC. The doors are always open, and if you're looking to make friends and connections while also doing the things you love, check out BAC Engage to see which club peaks your interest!