Content Writing & Copywriting Workshop

A workshop entitled “Content Writing & Copywriting For Marketing Campaigns: What’s The Difference?” was recently conducted.

Held online via Microsoft Teams on 22nd and 23rd September, this session with Ms. Samantha Koh, a full-stack marketing specialist, was attended by IACT students.

Ms. Samantha is very experienced with fast growing creative start-ups and entertainment industries. 

This 8-hour workshop reflected on what it takes to be a good writer and how words can make an impact.

Ms. Samantha began by explaining that content writing is brand-centric, where the writers need to convey big ideas creatively to customers, invoking emotions over time. 

Content writing is flowery and descriptive in nature. Copywriting on the other hand is more sales driven, she added. Every copy is designed to support the brand. Writers should try to get people to take action by keeping the copy short and simple so that it can be easily understood.

She then shared skills that would be helpful for content writers - researching, practicing to write captivating headlines and increasing search engine optimisation (SEO) knowledge.

In addition to that, she spoke about helpful skills for copywriters which included writing content for various industries, practicing empathy by understanding the audience, and being a team player.

Throughout the session, students had the opportunity to participate in interactive activities.

One of the engaging activities was to compare social media posts of similar brands and discuss which part of the writing caught the students' attention.

The workshop proved to be a huge success, as the organisers received favourable feedback from all the participants!