Cooking Up Success:

PETRONAS PIC'S Team Building & Innovation Programme with Reliance

Working with the Times

The professional world has been accelerating towards a fast-paced and dynamic corporate environment. This means that corporations all around the world needs to adapt to an everchanging landscape in the workplace, in both work forms and social systems. Therefore fostering effective communication, teamwork, and creativity is evermore important for achieving success.

Recognising this, PETRONAS PIC (Petroleum Nasional Berhad Process Industry Cluster) organised a unique team-building event aimed at encouraging collaboration, sparking innovation, and building trust among its employees.

Time for Bonding

Starting off the day, from 9am - 9:45am, the team gathered together in one of BAC's many classrooms to kick off with a warm welcome, setting a positive and engaging tone for the activities ahead. Refreshments were provided for the eager and excited participants, creating an informal atmosphere that encouraged participants to socialise and connect with colleagues.

Continuing the informal and fun atmosphere, from 9:45am - 10:30am, the team engaged in games facilitated by the Resource Center (RC) PIC. Activities such as lip reading and Kahoot were used due to their design to promote communication, teamwork, and a sense of camaraderie among the participants.

Cooking Up a Storm

The culinary adventure then began! At around 10:30am - 10:45am, the teams were briefed by expert chefs from Reliance College, at the campus' state-of-the-art Training Kitchen. Divided into five groups of 30 participants each, the teams then received instructions on a Mystery BOX challenge. Chefs Hidayat, Akma, and Kent supervised and guided the teams on ingredient selection, taste enhancement, and proper cooking techniques. All three chefs applied their years of combined professional experience to teach the participants the art and the foundations behind being a chef.

With the highlight of the day being undoubtedly the Cook-Off, around 10:50am - 3:30pm, the teams competed to create delectable dishes from the Mystery BOX ingredients. A staff moderator assisted each group, ensuring smooth coordination.

Each group was assigned a specific ingredient, ranging from chicken breast and chicken leg to seafood, duck, and octopus. To add a twist, a Tip box allowed teams to request extra tips from the chefs, with a thrilling punishment for those seeking too many tips – a temporary halt in cooking for 5 minutes.

After a riveting cook-off, the culinary creations were presented for evaluation, with a focus on taste, presentation, and creativity. This segment not only showcased the teams' cooking skills but also emphasised the importance of attention to detail and innovation.

Time for Celebration!

The day concluded around 4pm with a celebration of success. For the hard work and dedication of the participants, prizes were awarded to the winning teams, acknowledging their collaborative efforts and culinary expertise. Group photos then followed, to capture the memorable moments. The event concluded with a farewell, leaving participants with a sense of accomplishment and strengthened team bonds.

PETRONAS PIC's innovative approach to team building through a cooking challenge not only fostered communication, teamwork, and creativity but also added a fun and memorable dimension to the workplace.

By combining strategic activities and a shared culinary experience, the company ensured that its employees left not only with a deeper understanding of each other but also with a renewed sense of motivation and collaboration that will positively impact their work environment. It is events like these that foster a more communal environment in the workplace that is crucial for the success and operations of a modern corporation.