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About Us

The BAC Education Group is the first in the region to partner with Coursera, the leading global online learning platform to offer full-scale blended learning.

Through Coursera for Campus, our students and faculty will gain free access to more than 4,600 job-relevant courses across digital marketing, project management, cloud computing, data science, blockchain, computer science, and AI.

On completion of these short courses, you will receive micro-credentials from the world’s best universities, such as Yale University, Macquarie University, Johns Hopkins University, Duke University and leading tech giants like Google and IBM.

These micro-credentials from world-class institutions will provide a clear example of what you know and what you can get done, above and beyond your course!

Check out the ultimate Coursera user guide here.

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3,321 total unique enrolled learners

80% cumulative license utilization

16,167 total course enrolment

group of people sitting on bench near trees duting daytime
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