Creative Digital
Entrepreneurship Workshop

A Creative Digital Entrepreneurship workshop took place on the 6th and 7th of July 2022 via Microsoft Teams. The eight-hour workshop was a condensed programme designed to introduce students to finding opportunities, developing ideas and getting started with a unique business plan.

The trainer, Mr. I-Van Lee was very knowledgeable, and he passionately spoke about the ups and downs of digital entrepreneurship to eager beginners. He explained that digital entrepreneurship is more focused on business opportunities through the use of technological platforms, products and services.​ He generously shared his vast experience in the industry as an entrepreneur and imparted valuable business knowledge to students.

Throughout the session, students were given the opportunity to ask questions to better understand the subject matter. Students also took a personality test to better understand their strengths. A simple task was given at the end of Day 1, which was to prepare a business plan.

Mr. I-Van moderated selected business plans on Day 2 of the workshop and proposed constructive food for though. The workshop was a success and students gave positive feedback about their experience at the workshop.