Diploma in Hotel Management

Course Modules


Year 1

Introduction to Hospitality & Tourism

With this subject, you'll be introduced to the overall environment of the hospitality and tourism industry. It will encompass the study of the roles, functions, operations and organisation of the industry. Through this module, you will also gain a basic understanding of hotel and tourism operation.

Mainstream English 1

Mainstream English 1 will teach you language learning strategies and study skills, while enabling your the development of your reading, listening, and writing skills in an academic context. With this subject, you will be able to gain accuracy in your usage of language and write clearly.

Introduction to Management

This module will introduce you to the principles of management. After completion, you will be able to understand and define management perspectives in relation to planning, organising, motivation, leading, control, communication, and quality.

Computer Application

In this module you will learn how to use Windows Operating Environment, and basic Microsoft Office applications such as: MS Word (word processor), MS Excel (spreadsheet), and MS PowerPoint (presentation).

Food & Beverage Service Skill

Designed in line with the foodservice industry, this module will equip you with the fundamental knowledge to perform basic food and beverage service, identify food and beverage equipment in restaurants, plan menus, and utilise principle technical skills necessary for operating a restaurant.

Mainstream English II

This is the second of a two-semester English language proficiency course, designed specifically for diploma students. It builds on, and further develops the major aspects of reading, writing, listening, speaking and grammar. You will have the opportunities to practice and integrate the four language skills in meaningful tasks, relevant to an academic context.

Food Nutrition, Safety & Hygiene

This module will provide you with the requisite knowledge of nutrition. You will learn specific food handling controls related to hazards and safety measures, as well as the correct procedures for receiving, storing, processing, and displaying food. Additional of focus include the safety, health, and hygiene of food handlers, and how to clean and maintain food equipment.

Basic Culinary Skills

Learn through theoretical and practical sessions that will teach you vital information about basic culinary terms & skills, how to distinguish the commonly used kitchen utensils and equipment, as well as basic food preparation. You will also be introduced to ‘hands-on skills’ based on the basic cooking principles learnt.

Mainstream French

This module will provide you with the basic skills in all four areas of proficiency in French: speaking, understanding, reading and writing.

Principles of Accounting

Get to know the basics of financial accounting through this subject. The topics will focus on introducing you to financial accounting, the accounting cycle, recording process, and how to present financial accounts.

Commercial Food Production

This module will involve theoretical and practical sessions to give you all the information you need, about commercial food production management and operation skills, including menu planning, recipe formulation, and organisational designs to food production. Learn how to apply this knowledge in the production of appetizers, main courses, and desserts for restaurant operations, with safety and hygiene principles in mind.

Food & Beverage Cost Control

This module provides you with an in-depth understanding on managing costs related to food and beverage operations, and how you can manipulate these in many ways, to make the operation feasible and more profitable.

Economic Principles for the Hospitality Industry

This subject will cover basic knowledge in Economics, and the models and theories that are essential in economics. It also focuses on functional economics. You will gain a better understanding of the underlying principles of economics, to help you build better businesses for the future.

Year 2

Hotel Operations Management

This module has been designed to provide you with comprehensive knowledge of all aspects of hotel administration, from the viewpoint of the hotel general manager. You'll be provided with thorough information that will address the operating departments of a full-service hotel: Human Resources, Controller, Front Office, Housekeeping, Food and Beverage, Safety and Property Security, Sales and Marketing, Accounting, and Facility Engineering and Maintenance.

Housekeeping Management

Learn how to adopt a systematic approach to managing housekeeping operations and get a thorough overview, from the big picture of maintaining quality staff, planning, and organising, to the technical details of cleaning each area of a hospitality facility.

Food & Beverage Management

Designed in line with the foodservice industry, this module will provide you with a thorough guide to the management of foodservice outlets, from their daily operations, to the wider concerns of the hospitality industry. Explore a broad range of subject areas that encompass the food & beverage market and its main sectors – fast food and casual dining, hotels, quality restaurants, events, and industrial & welfare catering. You will also learn how to identify and analyse some of the most important trends affecting the food & beverage industry; covering consumers, the environment and ethical concerns, and developments in technology.

Front Office Management

This module will build your management skills, shaping you into a confident individual, capable of handling front office resources, and utilising operational reports to achieve guest satisfaction and profitability. You will learn about the importance of inter-departmental communications, and how to design, create, formulate, and construct front office manuals.

Introduction to Facility Management

This module will introduce you to the various aspects of facilities management, especially in the context of contemporary tourism and hospitality issues. Discover and demonstrate the way assets and facilities are managed, and gain an academic underpinning of the above, through the application of pertinent theories and practices.

Supervision for Hospitality Industry

Learn the information you need to develop and support team members through objective settings. It is essential to learn how to work together with set objectives, to produce the desired result. Working in the hospitality industry is all about teamwork, and this module will help turn you into an exceptional team player.

Hospitality & Tourism Marketing

This module aims to provide you with an overview of importance of the tourism & hospitality industries, through an understanding of various concepts and principles. You will gain the relevant skillsets and knowledge to identify contemporary issues, problems, and trends that underpin the field of tourism & hospitality. This module also prepares and introduces you to the competencies pertinent for employment in this dynamic, ever-changing industry.

Customer Service for Hotel Industry

This module encompasses the concepts and skills you need to provide outstanding customer relations, including problem solving, effective communication, how to deal with challenging customers, the cultural components of customer interactions, and service excellence. You will get to discuss customer relations' goals, the importance of customer relations to business success, and current trends and practices.

Hospitality & Tourism Entrepreneurship

This module covers the introduction to entrepreneurship in tourism, and you will explore the foundations, innovations, business plans, marketing, employment, social point of views, and challenges within the tourism industry.

Year 3

Industrial Training

In this final year module, you will undergo practical, industrial training at selected hotels or travel/tourism organisations. You will gain exposure to the various aspects of hotel operations - training in front office, reservation, reception, concierge, housekeeping, restaurant, food production, and back office support.

Professional Communication

This module provides you with a comprehensive guide to good communication, so that you can develop and improve your business communication skills. It explains the principles of effective communication, both written and oral, and provides solid advice as well as practical guidelines on how to strengthen your communication skills, and produce better business writing. Learn through theories, examining specimen documents, analysing suggested layouts, and explanations that will develop your skills and understanding.

Hospitality & Travel Law

In this module, you will explore the laws and relevant legal principles that govern the tourism & hospitality industry. This knowledge will be vital in helping you develop and operate businesses, and understand your rights as an employee in this industry.

Malaysian Studies II

This module will discuss Malaysian history and politics, the constitution, systems and structure of national administration, society, national unity and development, and religious faiths. This module aims to produce graduates who have a national identity and superior patriotism.