Diploma in
Digital Advertising

(formerly known as Diploma in Marketing and Advertising)

IACT College



Year 1

Communication English

This subject aims to help you express your opinions and views in English and to further improve reading comprehension as well as write academic essays confidently. 

Presentation Skills

This module exposes you to the skills needed for effective presentations. It also encourages you to think critically about your audience and the purpose of presenting while planning for and delivering a presentation.

Creative Thinking

This module invites you to change your creative mindset by helping you to understand creativity, what it takes to be creative and how to be a creative thinker. Besides developing your creative thinking, it also helps in honing your analytical skills.

Mass Communication

This module encourages reflection upon the relationship between mass communication and our society. You will be taught the various communication elements and processes in order to better understand media messages and the impact of media content on audience attitudes and behaviour.

Digital Media Graphics

You will be introduced to the most basic digital media software used today and taught to handle simple and basic computer design functions and applications.

Principles of Advertising

This module gives you the opportunity to analyse the role of marketing, managing markets from the perspective of information system management, analysis of markets, managing products, promotions, as well as pricing and distribution strategies. 

Photography and Digital Imaging

You will be introduced to various topics surrounding photography and digital imaging, ranging from display design to basic knowledge on how to use a DSLR, using case studies on famous photographs.

Introduction to Sociology

This module will expose you to the discipline of sociology, theories and its research methods. It discusses the relationships between individual cultures and society, and how social and cultural forces influence personal experiences and group behaviours. 

Video Production

You will dive into the world of video production and learn everything from pre-production to production and post-production, focusing on the creative aspects of single-camera video production. Through practical workshops, supervised exercises, screenings, and discussions, you'll learn both the technical aspects and creative skills necessary to create videos. This module will also teach you how to use video equipment and apply the right techniques for field productions.

Principles of Marketing

This module discusses the role of marketing, managing the markets from the perspective of management of the information system, analysis of markets, managing product, promotion, and pricing and distribution strategies.

Research Methods

This module introduces you to the importance of research in today’s world, and helps you think critically about society.

Year 2

Creative Concept Development

This module focuses on hands-on assignments, where you will learn the ideation processes in which creative thinking is carried out and developed into advertising concepts. This process teaches you to become an advertising idea generator. 

Consumer Trends and Behaviour

This module helps you look at the modes by which consumers obtain information and make decisions about products. It also helps you perceive how consumer opinions and attitudes are formed. You will develop a better appreciation of values, beliefs, prejudices and persuasion adopted in consumers’ lifestyles. 

Media Planning

The module describe the nature and scope of media research available, set media objectives and explain rationale behind their objectives and teaches students how to plan and execute a media strategy.

Creative Process and Execution

This module looks at the creative process, its basic disciplines and applications, creative thinking, creative approaches and styles, art direction and execution. 

Digital Advertising

This module reflects the current interactive media prevalent in our society today especially pertaining to internet technology (but not limited to this medium). It covers the understanding of basic fundamentals required in this form of direct marketing to the strategies and practice of interactive marketing such as social networking methods. Students will have the opportunity to develop an interactive marketing campaign.

Digital Storytelling and Animation

This module prepares students for the nature and attributes of motion and broadcast graphics. Students learn to create, select and manipulate still and motion graphics for broadcast and other media delivery. Students not only produce graphics but also apply them to media content design. Students will be able to pick up technical knowledge of the software Adobe After Effects in terms of motion graphics creation, multimedia production involving green screen, techniques such as tracking, rotoscoping and compositing through this subject in order to deliver the media content design creatively utilizing multiple media in creations.

Market Research

This module looks into research terminology, the basic principles of statistical methods and sampling theories, and various types of research applications in marketing communications field.

Interactive Portfolio

This module will focus on building a great Book (the creative portfolio) customized to the student’s strengths, though creating on-start and conceptually grabbing campaigns from various briefs.

Online Start-Ups & E-Commerce Branding

A company’s most important asset is its brand. Understanding about the importance of branding, creating and enchancing brand value as well as managing the brand for e-commerce will be the focus of this course. The course blends theory, concepts and practice of brand management for online start-ups and e-commerce through lectures, exercises and case study discussions.

In-Company Practical Training

This module helps you develop strategies which will extend your learning beyond the educational institution, into the industry. The Internship Reflection exposes you to the critical and analytical thinking of industry practice, communication skills and identification of professions that may be of interest. A thorough analysis will be documented in the form of a comprehensive report and presentation.


*Choose any 2 modules below:

Visual Communication

You will delve into a cultural analysis of visuals and their meanings. Workshops/studio time will be used to experiment with these relationships and further explore your technical skills and knowledge.


This module will cover areas on effective copywriting and copywriting for various media, such as print, radio, TV, billboards, etc. 

UI/UX Design Fundamental

This module brings a design-centric approach to user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design, and offers practical, skill-based instruction centered around a visual communications perspective, rather than on one focused on marketing or programming alone.

Contextual Studies

This module provides students the opportunity to explore the history, theories and contexts of advertising, design and media. Through lectures and tutorials, students investigate the cause and influence on advertising and design related practices in broad cultural and contextual frameworks, which are fundamental. Students will learn to analyse stereotypes, notions, value, class, race, gender, spectatorship, psychology and art movements, through application of critical theories and media theories.

International Marketing

This module provides a deep understanding of international business and how marketing relates to other businesses in serving the needs of overseas consumers. It also develops curiosity on the dynamics of a fast-changing environment.


Penghayatan Etika dan Peradaban (Malaysian students) / Bahasa Melayu Komunikasi 1 (International students)

Penghayatan Etika dan Peradaban aims to provide a true understanding of the concept of ethical appreciation. In this module, you will learn about Malaysian history before and after its independence, and efforts undertaken in building the nation's civilisation. Bahasa Melayu Komunikasi 1 teaches international students the basics of the Malay language to help in their daily communication. You will also learn to read, write and understand simple sentences and paragraphs in Malay.

Integriti dan Anti-Rasuah

This module covers the basic concepts of corruption including the value of integrity, anti-corruption, forms of corruption, abuse of power in daily activities and organisations as well as ways to prevent corruption. At the end of this module, you will be able to understand the practice of integrity, the concept of corruption, anti-corruption, abuse of power, as well as the prevention of corruption in society and organisations.

Community Service

Community Service focuses on the development of students’ communication, critical thinking and problem-solving skills through community service and cooperative learning. This will include the values of social responsibility, leadership and teamwork. The primary emphasis is on community service and/or co-curricular activities that may require going beyond the university environment.

Bahasa Kebangsaan A (only for students without credit in SPM BM)

Bahasa Kebangsaan A helps you grasp the national language to effectively communicate, and express thoughts clearly and creatively through verbal and written communication.

You will also earn microcredentials from:

IE Business School
- Market Research and Consumer Behaviour

Digital Marketing Institute
- Digital Strategy and Business Opportunity

University of Colorado Boulder
- Basic Elements of Design: Design Principles and Software Overview

The State University of New York
- Photography
- Photography Part 2

California Institute of the Arts
- Fundamentals of Graphic Design