Foundation In Business

Brickfields Asia College



Semester 1


This module equips you with crucial listening and speaking skills in English. You will also enhance your knowledge and skills in vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar.

Business Mathematics

This module provides you with the knowledge and skills to apply mathematics in solving problems related to the economic, statistical and financial aspects of business.  

Introduction to Accounting

This module introduces you to the fundamentals of accounting, including the bookkeeping cycle, accounting concepts and principles, preparation of financial statements, analysis of financial information and recognition of stakeholders’ interests.

Introduction to ICT

This module provides you with basic knowledge of computer hardware and software. You will learn how computers are integrated into an organisation, discover how information is managed within the organisation and develop basic communication and business skills required in computing.

Introduction to Law (Elective)

This module introduces you to the structure and operation of the English legal system and some basic principles of civil liability in English law. It covers the English court structure, sources of English law and the methods of legal reasoning used in English law (judicial precedent and statutory interpretation). It also covers the basic principles of liability in contract and the tort of negligence in English law.

Semester 2

Writing For Academic Purpose

This module provides you essential communication and writing skills, as well as the appropriate vocabulary, grammar, and comprehension skills to help you communicate effectively in English, both orally and in writing.

Principles Of Marketing

This module introduces you to core concepts of marketing with an emphasis on the role and function of marketing in business organisations. You will learn about marketing concepts, the modern business environment, consumer and business purchasing behaviour, along with decisions and strategies pertaining to the marketing mix - product, pricing, promotional and placing strategies.

Critical Thinking Skills

This module introduces you to various critical thinking techniques and reasoning skills to help you to present your arguments convincingly, respond to situations and solve problems appropriately.

Introduction to Human Resource Management

This module explores the role of human resources (HR) and their function within an organisation. You will learn what human resource management is, understand the role of HR within the function of an organisation and summarise the major activities associated with human resource management.

Semester 3


This module provides you with a glimpse into the world of entrepreneurship where you will learn the aptitudes you need to become an entrepreneur and the skills and processes necessary to initiate an enterprise.

Introduction to Business

You will learn about the activities of business organisations, how they respond to the changing demands of their environment and how effective managers and leaders develop successful organisations in terms of customer focus and the products/services they offer. You will also explore how successful business organisations engage in financial and accounting practices to maximise value for stakeholder’s value, and to develop strategic planning and decision-making to ensure business survival, change, and sustainable success.

Introduction to Economics

This module will help you develop a basic understanding of economic principles, contrasting macroeconomics and microeconomics which will be very useful when analysing real life scenarios.

Introduction to Finance (Elective)

This module introduces you to the concepts, roles, and principles of financial management in business organisations. You will learn to review the roles of financial markets, institutions and environment as well as perform basic analyses relating to the time value of money, financial statements, and capital budgeting for business decisions.