Foundation in Media Studies

IACT College



Semester 1

English 1

You will be introduced to the English language in terms of creative writing, tone and literary analysis, along with the means and methods to write and communicate effectively. 

Media & Communication

You will explore critical and theoretical approaches to understanding contemporary media, particularly mass media such as television, radio and internet streaming media.

Presentation Skills

This module prepares you for diploma or degree level presentations and pitches by exploring the different methods of public speaking. It also gives you exposure to the skills needed in articulating your thoughts. 

Semester 2


This module highlights basic advertising concepts, along with the role advertisers, advertising agencies, the media and related professional bodies play within the industry. 

Introduction to Journalism

You will learn how journalism differs significantly from other forms of media in terms of daily processes and practices, regulation, as well as writing techniques.

Introduction to Public Relations

This module will deepen your understanding of public relations theories and practices, and enhance your understanding of its importance and place in problem solving and as a management function. 

Introduction to Radio and Television Broadcasting

This introductory module introduces the creative process and fundamental theories in regards to broadcast media, specifically, broadcasting via the mediums of television and radio. 


This module will expose you to the discipline of sociology, its theories and its research methods. It discusses the relationships between individual cultures and society, and how social and cultural forces influence personal experiences and group behaviours. 

Semester 3

Design Fundamentals

This introductory module introduces you to the creative process and explores the fundamental theories with regards to design. You will learn how to conceptualise your ideas and produce artwork. 

Desktop Publishing

You will be introduced to some of the most basic design software options used today. Practical and theoretical assignments will be given to add nuance to your depth of knowledge.

Introduction to Academic Writing

You will explore several means and methods to effectively write academic essays in English. You will also develop the required critical thinking skills needed in writing academically.

Media Theory and Analysis

You will be exposed to the critical and theoretical approaches to understanding contemporary media, particularly mass media such as television, radio and internet streaming media. 

Research Methods

This module introduces you to the importance of research in today’s world, and helps you think critically about society.