Freshers Night
at BAC

Welcome, January and April Intake Students!

One universal problem faced by new college and university students is the challenge of finding and making new friends.

To help our new students ease into college life, BAC Education organised Freshers Night, an event to bring together students from our January and April intakes! Freshers Night provided a platform for these students to interact in a fun and relaxed environment, fostering new connections and friendships. It included icebreaker games, music, and refreshments to encourage socialising among the attendees.

On Friday, 10th May 2024, over 200 students from our different colleges, BAC, IACT, Veritas, Reliance and UNIMY filled the Horizon Banquet Hall at Menara BAC. Also present at the event were several members and representatives, introducing the different clubs and societies, as this was a great way for students to start building connections and get involved in campus activities right from the beginning of their academic journey.

The event kicked off with a welcome note from the emcees of the night, Kenneth Phillip Koshy from BAC's Content Team, and Jie Yee, a Foundation in Law student. BAC Education's Managing Director and Chief Future Officer, Mr. Raja Singham then welcomed the students, shared his vision and hopes for them, and wished them the best in their studies.

The first round of lucky draw then took place with Mr. Aria Singham, Managing Director of Brickfields Asia College drawing the lots. Among the prizes were movie tickets and vouchers to KFC!

Up on stage next was Game Master Mardhev, another Foundation in Law student, who kept the evening going with his quick wit and engaging personality, through the game 'Simon Says'. Dinner was then served.

During dinner, students got a mingle and get to know each other. They bonded over their assignments and the delicious food. This helped create a sense of community among the students, fostering new friendships and connections. It also provided a break from academic stress and allowed for a more relaxed and enjoyable evening.

After dinner, the next game took place. Once again led by Mardhev, the 'Broken Telephone' was played, followed by a movie trivia with willing participants making their way onto the stage one by one to answer questions about legendary movies.

The Badminton Club then stepped up with two songs that hyped the crowd, followed by the BAC Performing Arts Club, giving an electrifying performance which seamlessly led into the highlight of the night, the dance floor!

Invited to spin music for the night was Joshua from BACLearn, also known as DJ Josh! Students had a lot of fun dancing and enjoying the music. DJ Josh's energetic and eclectic mix of songs kept the students on their feet all night long, and his passion for music was evident in every beat he played, creating a vibrant and lively atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.

"The event was a blast really, I loved it so much and so did my friends! We really enjoyed the singing and dancing, we went home and knocked out after!" said Qi Rui, one of the students.

"The night was an unforgettable one that perfectly captured the excitement and potential of the new academic year. From the dazzling decorations to the lively music, every detail was thoughtfully planned to welcome us. The evening was filled with energy and enthusiasm as we mingled, forming new friendships and making lasting memories," said Joe, a member of the badminton club.

If you enjoyed Freshers Night, want to stay updated on future events or join any one of our clubs and societies, visit BAC Engage now to learn more, and register by clicking the button below!