"From Courtroom to Community"

A Teh Tarik Sesh with Quratul Ain (Lawyer, Activist, and Coordinator of Dapur Jalanan)

"From Courtroom to Community" was a session that was organised by the Constitution & Malaysian Society class and Project RISE. Quratul Ain, a prominent Lawyer, Activist, and the Coordinator of Dapur Jalanan, was the featured guest of honour. The primary objective of the event was to gain valuable insights into her journey, both as a lawyer and an activist, with a special focus on her role as the Coordinator of Dapur Jalanan.

Dapur Jalanan is a community-based initiative that focuses on providing meals to the urban poor of Kuala Lumpur. Their base of operations is along Jalan Panggong. Attendees had the opportunity to hear from Quratul Ain about her experiences and expertise in advocacy and political literacy. The event aimed to enhance the knowledge and awareness of the participants in these areas, which are vital for informed and responsible citizenship.

Throughout the event, participants actively engaged in discussions covering a wide range of topics. These included legal issues such as citizens' rights and scams, as well as questions about Quratul Ain's community engagements at Dapur Jalanan. Attendees were eager to learn about her sources of inspiration, and experiences as a social activist working on the ground.

"From Courtroom to Community" provided a valuable platform for attendees to learn from Quratul Ain's rich experiences as a lawyer, activist, and Coordinator of Dapur Jalanan. The event fostered insightful discussions on legal and community issues, leaving the participants with a deeper understanding of advocacy and political literacy.