Gamers Guild Fighting Games Tournament

The Gamer's Guild club is a safe haven for those who have an interest in any type of games, ranging from tabletop games like Dungeons & Dragons, PC games like Valorant and even console games like Tekken. Their most recent activity to allow students to de-stress in an active way was their very own 'Fighting Games Tournament' in partnership with Infinite Carnage, a frontrunner in the Malaysian fighting game community.

The game that was brought out to play this time was the newly released Tekken 8, a fighting game developed by Bandai Namco Studios and Arika. It is the eighth canon release and eleventh overall entry in the Tekken series. The game story mode, titled The Dark Awakens, takes place six months after the events of its predecessor and focuses on the final confrontation between the main characters, father Kazuya Mishima and son Jin Kazama.

The tournament was joined by a variety of people, ranging from beginners to experts in the game. It was also livestreamed via Gamer's Guild's Twitch channel for those who could not make it to the tournament.

They started off with a preliminary round, with participants playing to the best of three. As the bracket progressed, the competition got more intense, with skilled players facing off against each other. Finally, the top 8 players were decided, and after a short break, they faced off in the top 8 bracket!

The matches in the top 8 bracket were intense, and as they played on, the audience were at the edge of their seats, watching how closely each match played out. Finally, after some intense matchups and close calls, the winners were determined!

In third place, there was Zatzik, who played as Jack-8! He received a prize of RM50.

In second place was Megaman Derson, who played as Lars, receiving a prize of RM100.

The champion of the Gamer's Guild Fighting Games Tournament, receiving RM150 as well as a figurine of Kazuya, the main villain of the game was Shao, who played as King!

The event was definitely a successful one, allowing students to form bonds and have fun, crossing boundaries through the bridge of fighting games. Here's what Weng Hang, president of Gamer's Guild had to say:

"The event went beyond my expectations! The atmosphere was amazing, especially during the top 8 matches. I'm super proud of my team for once again contributing to making the 1st major event for Gamers Guild in 2024 a major success!"

If you're a gamer or interested in games yourself, check out Gamer's Guild via their Instagram, or join by clicking the button below!

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