Gamer's Guild Joins a Noizu Stream

Have you heard of big streamers like Pokimane, Valkyrae and Corpse Husband? Maybe you've even heard of some well-known local streamers like Pudds, Ellemonade and Voonky. Well, there are some new streamers in town, and they're our very own Gamer's Guild! They debuted their Twitch channel in the month of June, along with a Streaming 101 panel, where guest speakers shared their experience in the streaming industry.

Since then, they have been streaming about once a week, and have made a name for themselves. They've even managed to qualify for Twitch Affiliate! This has helped them gain more recognition as local streamers, partnerships with well known companies like Codashop, and invites for events like the Valorant Champions Tour watch party by Berryfam.

With the strides that the Gamer's Guild has been taking, it was no surprise when they were invited by Noizu Studio for a 'Game Night' livestream hosted by Steven Bones!

Steven Bones is a well-known streamer and voice actor who has worked with Gamer's Guild before during their Streaming 101 workshop. He also taught Podcasting 101: Radio & Video under IACT College's Professional Certificate Series! Representing Gamer's Guild were committee members Kiara, Ushuaia and Christopher.

"Mr. President! Are we still friends?!" The stream started off with a callout to Gamer's Guild president, Ludwig Kwan, who unfortunately could not be there. After a round of introductions, they chatted a bit about college life, balancing it with personal time and Gamer's Guild's introduction to BAC Education.

They then took turns playing a horror game called Dark Deception. After some scares, and everyone else making fun when someone was scared, they took a short break.

Steven then challenged them to a game of 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire.' Despite President Ludwig's jokes about his lack of confidence in their skills and Steven questioning their ability to work together, the three members actually won! For winning, Steven offered them a set of stickers for the Gamer's Guild to share, courtesy of Ms. Farah, the Gamer's Guild advisor.

At the end, they reviewed a few game trailers together and hosted a lucky draw for Noizu before calling it a night.

Steven showed his appreciation to the Gamer's Guild, and they in turn thanked him for inviting them onto his segment at Noizu. It indeed was a fun time, filled with laughs and competitive spirit, with new knowledge acquired!

"It was an amazing experience and I hope that we get to go back someday! Huge thanks to Steven for inviting us!" said Kiara, speaking about the stream.

If you're wondering what's next for the Gamer's Guild, Noizu is not done with them yet. They recently set up a booth at Noizucon on 15th and 16th October, and now that they're on Noizu's radar, as there will be more partnerships!

Stay tuned to see what else Gamer's Guild is planning!