Gamers Guild x Campus Legends

Gamer's Guild has been putting themselves out there in the e-sports scene since they formed, and their latest delve into the market was a collaboration with Genisys in their roadshow, Campus Legends MY!

Campus Legends is a roadshow which travels around campuses in the Klang Valley, introducing games like Valorant and Counter-Strike to students, to encourage healthy competition through e-sports. They also hold campus-level e-sports competitions where students can compete and test their mettle.

On the final week of November, BAC Education was the next stop on their campus roadshow. Gamer's Guild collaborated with them to create an immersive experience where students could socialise with other e-sports fans, and make an attempt at the game and even win some prizes.

Some of the showcased games were Valorant, Counter-Strike 2 and Mobile Legends. There was even a challenge where students could play a 1v1 against another challenger on Valorant to earn a prize from Campus Legends' sponsor, MSI.

Within this roadshow, Gamer's Guild also organised a Mobile Legends tournament for the students of BAC Education. This tournament was to scout for a team to represent BAC Education in the Campus Legends' tournament.

There were 4 rounds of play in total, but ultimately, the winner of the tournament was a group from UNIMY who called themselves 'UNIMY Foundation!' They proved their worth on the field of Mobile Legends and showed that they could represent BAC Education and make us proud.

Ultimately, it was an enjoyable event with even some IACT lecturers coming to visit and take part in the challenge! If you are interested in what Gamer's Guild is doing, you can visit their Instagram or register via!

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