Bridging The
Link Between
Fresh Graduates &

The Covid-19 pandemic has ravaged the world economy, and the job market did not escape its clutches. This not only placed employees at risk but also affected fresh graduates, many of whom did not have the required skills to be employable in the new normal. These fresh graduates were a vulnerable lot, due to their lack of propensity to earn and sustain their livelihoods. 

BAC Education recognised the need to help fresh graduates and employers at a time like this. In response, was launched– a free jobs portal designed to help bridge the link between fresh graduates & Malaysian employers, and curb unemployment. 

As an education provider, BAC felt the need to ensure fresh graduates were seeking the right jobs, and were able to fast track skill acquisition. BAC also wanted to create awareness amongst employers on their role in boosting the economy by providing jobs. 

GradJobs was founded by Raja Singham under the BAC Education banner. It is managed by a team of capable staff, who all share a similar mission – to ensure employability and job market security during these tough times. The team works directly with the people who utilise the portal. This includes fresh graduates and employers. They monitor vacancies posted to ensure appropriate candidates are matched with the right jobs.

The GradJobs team is dedicated to the cause and have been working around the clock to not only ensure employment but to also provide advice. The portal has already received positive responses, with countless users having been successfully linked to appropriate employers, and these numbers are only growing by the day, indicating that the portal is successfully enhancing employability amongst fresh graduates. 

This specialised portal prioritises youth employment and has reached thousands of young fresh graduates in Malaysia between 20 to 25 years old, impacted by the COVID19 crisis. GradJobs is a gateway to their employability. As an addition, fresh graduates are also advised and taught how to write better CVs, prepare for interviews and be more open to upskilling and reskilling opportunities.

With employers having easy access to the talent pool, they are also helping generate more jobs, boosting the economy.  

As the economy gradually recovers, GradJobs will continue to bridge the link between fresh graduates and quality employers.