Her Rights, Her Voice

Join Amnesty BAC and WLRC BAC in their fight for awareness against medical negligence

Amnesty BAC and the Women's Legal Rights Club are continuing the fight for justice in the field of medical negligence. The two clubs collaborated under "Her Rights, Her Voice," screening a documentary and hosting a talk about a story of medical negligence and the struggles to access treatment, which happened in the Lun Bawang rural village in Long Samadoh, located in the interiors of Sarawak, in Central Northern Borneo.

The event started with a stimulating icebreaker by the Women's Legal Rights Club, a Kahoot game about different women who pioneered advancements in the modern world. The questions were interesting and enlightening, and participants had a fun time competing against each other.

Once the icebreaker session was over and participants had refueled with refreshments, the main event began. The documentary shown was "The Story of Kam Agong", which highlighted the struggles of a family from a poor village that led to the loss of a loved one because of healthcare neglect. This story of Kam Agong, who died sixteen years prior, shortly after she gave birth to her eighth son, Jordan, is a story of severe medical negligence that eventually led to her painful death. "The Story of Kam Agong" gives us a view of the state of maternity healthcare available to rural villagers of Sarawak.

After the documentary, Amnesty BAC invited a very special guest, the producer of the documentary and daughter of Kam Agong herself, Agnes Padan, a rural health activist, to share her experience in activism for this cause. She is currently in the midst of overseeing construction for a hospital closer to Lun Bawang in order to combat the issues faced by her mother. Agnes also educated the students on what they can do to give the cause of medical negligence a voice among the young people.

This session was an eye-opening experience for those in the city who have the privilege of accessible healthcare at their fingertips. If you would like to know more about Agnes Padan's cause, you can watch her documentary here.

If you're interested in joining Amnesty BAC to speak out against human rights violations, you can check out their Instagram to see what else they do, or you can register now via BAC Engage!

See you at their next event!

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