Human Rights: How to Save a Life by BAC Career Club

Besides entering the legal field once one has completed their law degree, there are many other options such as teaching, the judicial field and even the human rights field. Staying true to their goal to provide opportunities for students to experience these different avenues, the BAC Career Club decided to host a workshop called Human Rights: How to Save a Life. This project ventured into human rights advocacy and learning how to draft a clemency petition.

BAC Career Club brought in two guest speakers to share and equip the students in this area: Dobby Chew and Sky Siaw, executive coordinator and research coordinator of the Anti Death Penalty Asia Network (ADPAN). They have both been involved in the human rights field for many years and were happy to share their experiences.

The talk started with Dobby Chew sharing about prison conditions in Malaysia, and enlightening students on what happens behind bars and how the incarcerated live. He also spoke on the clemency process in Malaysia. Next, Sky Siaw showed students how to draft a clemency petition. Included in this explanation were the different questions one should ask the prisoners as a lawyer. He also shared mitigating factors for sentencing.

Finally, there was a Q&A session where students got to raise their own queries about the human rights field and the death penalty as well as its effects on our society. The session was enlightening to say the least, as it allowed students a glimpse into the darker side of human rights. With this knowledge, they have one more path open for them once they graduate, and will be able to make the world a better place.

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