Hybrid Campus

When the pandemic first hit and the world came to a halt, life as we knew it took an unexpected turn – especially for students. Physical classes, extracurricular activities, spending all-nighters at the library, hanging out with friends and living a ‘normal’ student life were all things of the past. 

But we were determined to ensure our students continued to enjoy their educational journeys in this new normal of learning.  

How did we make it work? 

Our team mobilised existing resources to create the Hybrid Campus. Students were able to seamlessly switch from face-to-face classes on campus to online classes from the safety and comfort of their homes. It was important that this transition occurred with minimal disruption to their studies.  

Now, as we begin to emerge from this pandemic, our Hybrid Campus allows students to easily switch between physical classes and online learning, depending on their specific circumstances.  
Books, study material, digital resources, lectures and seminars, events, activities and many other aspects of college life are now available on our online platforms AND physical campuses.

BAC Education has made all this possible by pioneered cutting-edge technology and innovations to facilitate the next normal of learning. 

ABACUS: Your Digital Library 
With Abacus, students now have 24/7 access to an extensive collection of eBooks, journals, videos, and other great resources on campus or from the comfort of their home.  
BAC Learn: Learn Online Anytime, Anywhere 
Students can utilise our state-of-the-art Learning Management System by BAC Learn to navigate seamlessly through our extensive library of pre-recorded in-class lectures, pre-recorded studio lessons, study manuals, charts, PowerPoint presentations, and lesson notes. They can complement their learning with our live lectures, webinars, forums and discussions online. 
Student Life 
Since 2020, we have organised multiple events and activities online. Webinars, competitions, film screenings, FIFA tournaments and more! Our clubs and societies were still actively hosting events and activities online for students and staff alike.  

Earn Microcredentials from the World’s Best Universities 
BAC Education has partnered with leading industry giants such as Coursera and LinkedIn Learning. Our can now earn microcredentials online from world-class institutions like Yale, Harvard, Johns Hopkins and Duke!  
Who says a good workout is only possible in the gym? MonsterFit, BAC’s on-campus gymnasium, organised weekly online workout routines and fitness classes for free! In recent months, the MosterFit app was launched, allowing students and members to track their workouts and participate in fitness challenges. 

Virtual Internship and Apprenticeship Platforms 

Due to bottlenecks in several industries, fresh graduates were struggling to secure jobs. We implemented several job-searching portals as well as internship and apprenticeship platforms to combat this surge of unemployment. 
Our graduates were able to secure virtual internships, placements and apprenticeships in several areas of work during the pandemic.