IACT College - Creative Industry Faculty (CIF) Master Class Session

Storytelling: Breaking the comfort zone by Tunku Mona Riza

A Peek Behind the Curtain

Behind the glamour, shimmering lights, and red carpets of the world of cinema lie endless stories of innovation, dedication, and hard work.

Recently, IACT College's Creative Industry Faculty (CIF) organised a memorable event that gave IACT students a sneak peek behind the curtain to learn from one of Malaysia's most renowned directors, Tunku Mona Riza.

Her film "Rain Town" has garnered not only the attention of Malaysians but also captivating audiences on a global scale, and IACT students got the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of the whole process.

Rain Town

Tunku Mona Riza's "Rain Town" is an extraordinary feat for her. As a Malay, she took on the challenge of directing a film that is completely in Cantonese, and the film's domestic and international success is a testament to her creative prowess.

With IACT's Creative Industry Faculty (CIF), there is now an established platform for nearly 60 students from the Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Film Production and the Diploma in Broadcasting and Film programmes to interact with Tunku Mona Riza herself.

The Masterclass

This masterclass session took IACT students into the world of filmmaking. From the creative process, the importance of storytelling, and even the ability to overcome the blocks and barriers that are likely to happen during the whole process of filmmaking.

Each student got out with plenty of knowledge and insights that will undoubtedly be invaluable to these future filmmakers. With masterclass sessions like this, the attendees will actively gain the knowledge to shape their careers and to take part directly in the creative growth of the Malaysian filmmaking industry.

Overall, this masterclass was a resounding success, and a wonderful session brought the world of filmmaking to a room of future filmmakers, preparing them with reasonable expectations and useful lessons to use when they eventually take on the film industry.

A huge congratulations to IACT College - CIF for successfully hosting this remarkable event, marking a return to in-person sessions after a two-year hiatus. It's a great initiative to bridge the gap between students and industry professionals by allowing them to learn from and be inspired by accomplished figures in Malaysian filmmaking.

Such interactions can be invaluable for aspiring future filmmakers and eventually contribute to the growth of the creative industry in Malaysia.