IACT College Partners with MediaQuiz
to Enhance Student Learning

A Strategic Alliance

The month of March saw a plethora of different events that pushed the boundaries of education and blast open the doors of opportunities for students of BAC Education. One of which, was the recent partnership between IACT and MediaQuiz to provide students with cutting-edge education.

A groundbreaking collaboration was announced with MediaQuiz, the distinguished Malaysian distributor of leading OTT platforms TVBAnywhere+ and YOUKU. It is a strategic alliance that further pushes IACT's goal of dedicating resources and efforts to enrich student experience.

With today's digital age and the landscape of education constantly evolving, the need to be driven by technological advancements is ever greater. Recognising this dynamic shift, IACT College has taken a proactive step by collaborating with MediaQuiz to open doors to a world of educational opportunities through exclusive access to TVBAnywhere+ and YOUKU for academic purposes.

Pushing Education Forward

The integration of OTT platforms into the educational framework is IACT's commitment to staying ahead of the curve and providing students with innovative tools for learning. With TVBAnywhere+ offering a diverse range of content, including dramas, variety shows and documentaries, it caters to diverse interests and enhancing cultural understanding. On the other hand, YOUKU, a prominent Chinese streaming platform, provides access to a wealth of educational and entertainment content, further enriching the learning experience.

Through the use of these platforms, IACT College enables its students to interact with content that corresponds with their hobbies, professional goals, and academic objectives. Students will always have access to carefully selected, high-quality content that broadens their perspectives and enhances their homework, thanks to the cooperation with MediaQuiz.

All of these new opportunities and access through this strategic alliance that IACT College has crafted just reinforces its position as a leader in providing holistic and forward-thinking education, and we as an institution are excited to see what is in store for our students.

view of floating open book from stacked books in library