IACT College signs
MOA with Dattel

On 17 August 2022, IACT's School of Digital Marketing and Advertising signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with Dattel, a company that provides the tools and Consumer Intelligence that allows research and analysis at an unprecedented level of depth, agility and granularity.

Under this initiative, students of IACT and Veritas University who are taking Consumer Research modules will be granted access to Dattel’s Voyager system which allows them to now use up-to-date and industry standard consumer intelligence and analytics for their assignments.

With Dattel as IACT's Education Partner, students will be able to grasp a better understanding, and equip themselves with the right skillsets needed before they set forth into the industry.

With Dattel's Voyager system, students will be introduced to consumer and market trends, integrating AI-generated proposals for messaging, and possible digital media selections to enhance the productivity and effectiveness of campaigns.

Through this collaboration Dattel will provide access worth RM3,650,000 for our academics and students to use, for the sole purpose of enhancing project based pedagogies applied by the college.