IACT College Sweeps The 2019
Kancil Awards!

At the 2019 Kancil Awards, IACT College students won 14 Awards for creative excellence!

Some background: The Kancil Awards are Malaysia’s largest, most prestigious advertising awards competition. The Awards recognise home-grown Malaysian creative excellence in advertising, and underscores the advertising industry’s endorsement of the highest standards of creativity.

Since its inception in 1978, the Kancil Awards are organised annually by the Association of Accredited Advertising Agents (the 4A’s).  The Assossciation is Malaysia’s national advertising body, which represents both home-grown and international advertising agencies.

The winners were students from the Advertising and Design Degree Programme, the Marketing & Advertising, and Graphic Design diploma programmes respectively. The final tally of the awards consisted of 3 silver, 6 bronze and 5 merit awards.

True to its tradition of training its students to achieve the highest creative crafting standards, the winners won craft awards in the following categories:

  • Best Branded Films
  • Best Copy (All Media)
  • Best Digital Craft in Digital Design and User Interface
  • Best Digital Experience (Mobile and Web)

Student winners also excelled in other categories, winning awards in Best Idea for Social Good, Best Use of Cultural Insights and Most Innovative Idea.

The Kancil Awards was held at REXKL- an iconic cinema from the early days of Kuala Lumpur, now repurposed as an art and culture centre.

Image Source: Astro Awani

Image Source: Astro Awani

As high as their personal performance standards are, these wins still managed to take participating students by surprise. These comments probably best sum up how they felt :

  • We didn’t get our hopes up too high on winning an award so we were super shocked to hear the good news. I remembered us screaming and tearing up in public and we’re super happy about it!"
  • "This award has spurred us to do even better for our upcoming projects and we also hope to win more awards in the future.”

    Tee Yie Lian and Wong Xin En, 2nd Year BA(Hons) Advertising and Design students (Silver Award Winners for Best Branded Films) when interviewed by BAC360.