IACT Students bag 'Best Strategy' and 'Best Design' Awards at the USW Competition Award Ceremony 2023

On October 20th, 2023, the IACT College campus was filled with excitement and anticipation. The students, faculty, and distinguished guests gathered for a very special occasion: the USW Competition Award Ceremony.

Such an occasion welcomed the International Marketing Manager of The University of South Wales, Mr. Thomas Hill, and local representative, Ms. Yee Pey Low, to honour the achievements of these brilliant IACT students.

Everyone was in high spirits. A lot of hard work had gone into this competition, and the few lucky winners finally had the opportunity to see all of their dedication and work pay off with impressive awards.

A major highlight of the ceremony was the presentation of the awards themselves. Specifically, the awards for the Advertising Campaign Strategy Competition sponsored by The University of South Wales (USW).

Open to all IACT students in the previous semester, the competition was not only about recognition but also had a very generous monetary reward for the winners.

The two categories, "Best Strategy" and "Best Design" , saw their respective winners earn a very attractive RM1,000 each! A worthy reward for the work that the students produced for this competition.

As the ceremony kicked off, Mr. Thomas Hill, the International Marketing Manager of USW, couldn't help but express a significant level of admiration for the IACT students' entries, noting that they were extremely creative and also markedly different from what one might expect in UK advertising.

The IACT College community shared in the excitement with the winners and wholeheartedly congratulated the award recipients, as well as extending their warm gratitude to USW and Mr. Thomas Hill.

Undoubtedly, the ones with the biggest smiles of the whole event were the winners themselves:

Best Strategy:
Yik Hang, Ryan, Hady, Ming Jian and Wei Lok

Best Design:
Edward (Sydney), Wei Xiang, Angelyn, Muneeb and Jia Ying

The competition highlighted not only the immense creative potential within the student body of IACT but also the progressive strengthening of the relationships between IACT and its partners. This is undoubtedly a step forward in the pursuit of enriching the learning experience of students as well as preparing them for a bright future in their chosen fields.

This USW Competition Award Ceremony of 2023 serves as a reminder that education goes beyond just books and assignments; it is also about the practical application of knowledge as well as the continuous nurturement of creativity. Now IACT stands at the forefront of this revolutionary process of continuous modernization of education.