IACT Students Join ACP Malaysia National Championships 2024

A Step into the Right Direction

In an amazing convergence of ability and innovation, students from the UK Degree Transfer (Media and Communication) programme, IACT's Computer Graphics class in particular, took part in the kickoff event at he Adobe Certified Professional (ACP) Malaysia National Championships 2024, a prominent competition that recognizes digital media competence.

Held at Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU), this competition marked an important milestone in the students' career and educational path. A path that they were eager to conquer.

These students knew that this was not just a competition. This was also a career-launching platform for students specializing in digital media. It tests participants' expertise in Adobe software, challenging them to showcase their skills in design, web development, and video editing. For the ambitious students of IACT College, this was an unparalleled opportunity to shine on a national stage.

An Extraordinary Opportunity

The kickoff event was everything but routine. It was a unique opportunity for these students to meet and interact with the clients for whom they would create projects. This direct engagement was critical because it offered students with real-world ideas and expectations, bridging the gap between academic tasks and professional demands.

The Q&A session with the ACP committee and the clients enhanced this experience, providing students with a greater grasp of the project requirements and the standards of excellence required in the professional realm.

Mr. Radhi Ihsanuddin and Mr. Khairul Anuar, both IACT College instructors, played an important role in this procedure. Their advice and expertise have been invaluable in preparing the students for this tournament. Not only have they taught these students critical technical skills, they also helped them understand the complexities of client contact and project management.

Seeing their commitment to developing the future generation of digital media professionals was admirable, and it showed in the growing confidence of their students' and their overall preparedness.

As the Adobe Certified Professional Malaysia National Championships 2024 builds up for the World Championship set to take place in July, all eyes will be on these gifted students from IACT College. Their road from here will be one of creativity, innovation, and professional development. The kick-off event has set the tone for what promises to be an entertaining and educational experience for everyone participating.