IACT Students Showcase Final-Year Project at Mise-en-Screen

On 6 August 2022, final year Diploma in Broadcasting & Film (DIBF) students of IACT College organised Mise-en-Screen at the BACPAC (BAC Performing Arts Centre) in the PJ flagship campus.

Students were able to showcase their work to the public at this event, premiering their final year projects.

Held physically, students projected their work, including ‘the making of’ segment. 

Experienced guests from the creative industry were invited as judges, and they gave valuable comments on students’ work. 

This event was also posted on Facebook the day after. Mise-en-Screen was indeed a great platform and opportunity for students to showcase their creativity.

What was even sweeter, a total of RM1000 was donated to 1MillionDevices, an initiative under Uplift, the NGO under BAC Education.