IACT Students Visit Indictum Art Exhibition 2024

Talent Admiring Talent

This leap year, on the 29th of February, IACT's History of Arts class from the Diploma in Graphics Design programme had the opportunity to roam the halls and corridors of GMBB Kuala Lumpur. Students were buzzed with curiousity and eager energy to witness the creative artwork of UiTM Shah Alam's Fine Arts Degree students.

Under the guidance of their lecturer, Elyena Aziz, these students embarked on a vivid exploration of an art exhibition that showcased the diverse talents of Fine Arts degree students from this well known institution.

The exhibition at GMBB Kuala Lumpur, a facility recognised for cultivating creative communities, served as an ideal backdrop for an immersive learning experience. The artworks on display included a diverse range of mediums, themes, and techniques, representing the dynamic terrain of modern art. It was an opportunity for these graphic design students to expand their knowledge and explore the wider realm of visual arts.

They were also exposed to a wide range of artworks that challenged and enhanced their understanding of what art could be. From classical paintings and sculptures, to digital installations and performance art, the exhibition showcased a diverse range of artistic interpretations.

All this visual diversity sparked debates and discussions among the students about the visual and emotional elements of each artwork they found, prompting them to think critically about what they saw.

History Through Art

This trip had one goal in mind, and that was to immerse students in the exhibition, that served as a bridge connecting the students to the cultural and historical contexts underlying various pieces.

Artworks that drew on cultural heritage, social issues, and historical events sparked lively debates among the group, highlighting the power of art to engage with and reflect upon the world around us.

In the end, the trip to GMBB Kuala Lumpur was more than simply an educational requirement; it demonstrated the value of interdisciplinary learning and respect for all types of art.

As students of the Diploma in Graphic Design programme continue their studies, the insights obtained from this exhibition will definitely affect their approach to learning and design, imbuing it with a deeper awareness of visual culture.

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