IACT - The Sinister Haunt of Ravenwood

A Night of Frights

The Sinister Haunt of Ravenwood was an immersive and interactive experience that brought the haunting experience of Halloween to IACT. Being the first entry in the "Scarytales" series, the students at IACT planned to make it an annual event.

Noticing that the BAC Education campus grounds have never had a haunted house experience during Halloween, IACT PARTS took the initiative to bring a whole new experience to the students on campus.

It was a huge endeavour for the IACT PARTS team, which took the courage to step into new grounds to organise such an event. Taking roughly 2–3 weeks to finalise everything, the team had to tackle several hurdles to get to the point of execution.

From pitching to lecturers and advisors, planning the designs, puzzles, and riddles, and all the way to building the entire set, the team worked very hard and saw their rewards reaped in an exciting way! It took a lot of hard work and many days to accomplish, but the team couldn't be happier with what they pulled off.

With over 30 people in attendance, the IACT PARTS team created an intricate experience to immerse each and every one that participated in this spooky event. Given the objective of solving the mysterious disappearance of an urban explorer in the eerie Ravenwood Mansion, the team was excited to see their hard work come to life.

With multiple puzzles and riddles scattered across the well-crafted set, each participant got their chance to work together in two big groups to solve this great mystery. Each solved riddle or puzzle, slowly unraveled the mystery that hid beneath it all

The team was thrilled and overjoyed to see how everyone was immersed and having fun with what they created. The best moments were the screams and laughter they heard when participants encountered the scares and shocks the IACT PARTS team had executed.

It was a huge success in every sense of the word for them. Seeing everyone's excitement throughout was what they wanted to achieve, and seeing that made everyone on the team feel accomplished for all the hard work they put in.

With one of them stating:

"I almost cried seeing all of this because it has been a dream of mine to build/create a haunted house/haunted attraction."
IACT PARTS Team Member

With this just being the start of something greater, we are excited to see what the team comes up with next year! So, make sure you keep yourself posted on our events and don't miss out on next year's Halloween event by IACT PARTS.