IACT's BFP Final Year Project
& Juniors Video Showcase

Last May, students from IACT College's Bachelor of Film Production (BFP) programme held its eagerly anticipated Final Year Project and Juniors Video Showcase at BACPAC. This event, was aimed to present the creative achievements of these final year students, alongside the promising work of Year 2 students, celebrating their collective learning outcomes and inspiring future filmmakers.

The Films

This event, featured five excellent short films, each ranging from 10 to 25 minutes in duration. These meticulously crafted films took hours of creative sessions, production brainstorming and technical crunches to come to fruition.

This was the the culmination of months of hard work and dedication, demonstrating the skills and creativity of students. The titles of the showcased films were:

1. Loop of Faith
2. What The 'Pork
3. What's Next
4. Sumodopon
5. Between Two Worlds

person holding clapperboard

The Purpose

The primary objective of this event was to share the learning outcomes of various modules within the BFP programme. By showcasing these projects, the event aimed to provide junior students with tangible examples of what can be achieved through their coursework, and to inspire them as they progress through the programme.

This showcase presented both technical and creative skills of these students, but also served as a platform for storytelling and expression, reflecting the diverse themes and narratives explored by the students. Each film showcased is a testament to the students' ability to conceptualise, direct, produce, and edit compelling visual stories.

Graced by the presence of IACT lecturers, who guided the students throughout their academic journey, and IACT alumni, who returned to support and celebrate the current batch of filmmakers, this event was a show of community and engagement, where students found impactful and important for all the hard work they put in.

As these final-year students move forward into the professional world, their showcased films will remain a source of inspiration and a benchmark for future students, and as an institution, we look forward to more of the same from our future creative geniuses.

black and gray Lunital 2 camera