IACT's First Physical Event Since Pandemic to Let Students 'Find Themselves in IACT'

On August 6, IACT College held its first physical event since the COVID-19 pandemic. Organised by its final semester students, ‘Find Yourself In IACT’ took place from 10am to 6pm. VSQ PJ was filled with the bustling sounds of students enjoying themselves at the booths set up by 33 students from Diploma in Mass Communication programme. They were the main organisers of the event, supported by other final semester students from various diploma courses in IACT, and some second year Mass Communication students.

The event kicked off with an opening speech from two final year students, Emily Cheah and Shaun Fong who welcomed IACT's Chief Marketing Officer, Mr Lawrence Chan to officiate the event. He then joined the lecturers involved in our amazing booths and exhibitions of students for the ribbon cutting ceremony. The event officially started with enthusiastic cheers from the crowd.

Kickstarting the event, 6 students from the Diploma in Marketing and Advertising programme showcased their portfolios as their final project.

Students from the Diploma in Graphic Design programme gave visitors a spectacular experience, featuring merchandise booths with their own designs. These included portfolios of final year students with their best work turned into cute merchandise. Other than that, a booth called ‘ThinkInTheBox’, a mental health social experiment where people of all age groups anonymously came together and shared their worries, was also set-up.

PIXELS 12 featured various photographs taken by students. This was the first time a PIXELS exhibition was held physically since the start of the pandemic. Besides admiring the beautiful compositions captured by the students, visitors also enjoyed the fun games and activities at the PIXELS booth.

Media & Culture students displayed booths letting visitors experience theories using real life games inspired by Stranger Things. Each booth signified a different theory that students learnt in their classes.

Students from the Diploma in Broadcasting in Film programme also had a short film showcase at BACPAC. Mise En Screen featured 7 short films by final year Broadcasting & Film and Mass Communication students. The panel of judges included experienced directors such as Jeremy Lai, Derrik Yaw, Dixon Koay and Chong Kern Wei. The short films received praises and constructive feedback from the audience and judges. If you missed out, don't worry! The films will be available on Mise En Screen’s Facebook page soon.

Lastly, final year students and first year students from the Diploma in Mass Communication programmes showcased their Print Journalism and Writing for Different Media projects. Print Journalism students exhibited their portfolio magazines that let visitors scan the QR code to read it, while Writing for Different Media students showed their e-book along with previous versions of the book completed by their seniors.

Independant vendors too had the opportunity to set up booths at the event. Kelab Kaki Kopi had a pop up booth to sell their coffees for visitors, with caffeine-free selections for children. Visitors also had a unique experience sampling treats from Elysian Bakes. They brought in several flavours of cookies made with brown butter and sea salt, giving them a distinct taste.

Crack with Senaz also amazed visitors with their pani puri, sporting a wide selection of different flavours. We were also very grateful to have Doodles by Douglas who sold hand drawn stickers of Malaysian delights - Nasi Lemak, Kopi O, Cendol and more!

Ego Existo Club and ISLAYCT from college also had their own booths selling merchandise, food and drinks.

The Performing Arts Club and Gamers Guild Club also had booths of their own, preparing karaoke sessions for visitors, merchandise and gaming sessions for those interested. Both booths successfully attracted a lot of visitors. The Japanese Culture Club also sold scrumptious onigiri and gave tutorials on the creation of ‘teru-teru bozu’, a Japanese rain-preventing doll.

Visitors were seen enjoying themselves all through the campus that day. They were invited to visit the interactive wall on the ground floor where they could write down their feelings about the event.

It was definitely an enjoyable event. Students and guests had a memorable experience.

If you missed the event, some of the final year exhibits are still on display on floors 12 and 13A floors

So go check it out and stay tuned for more exciting events from IACT!