IACT's Pivotal Role in Enhancing Students' Knowledge on AI and Metaverse Publicity

IACT College recently concluded two short courses under its Future-Proof Certificate Series. The Professional Certificate in Metaverse Publicity, and the Professional Certificate in Creative Generative AI with Design.ai and Pixlr was held online via Microsoft Teams, from 14th to 17th August, from 7.00pm to 10.00pm, and saw the involvement of enthusiastic students and IACT alumni alike.

Ms. Stephy Shim, Head of Strategic Operations and Partnerships of Virtualtech Frontier Sdn Bhd served as instructor for the Professional Certificate in Metaverse Publicity, while Mr. Bravo Looi, CEO of Nicsmics was trainer of the Professional Certificate in Creative Generative AI with Design.ai and Pixlr.

Metaverse publicity refers to the promotion and awareness-building efforts aimed at showcasing the potential and benefits of the Metaverse to a wider audience. It involves utilising various marketing strategies, media platforms, and influencers to create buzz and generate interest in this virtual reality space. By highlighting its immersive experiences, social interactions, and limitless possibilities, Metaverse publicity aims to attract individuals, businesses, and investors to participate and contribute to its growth. Additionally, it seeks to educate people about the transformative impact of the Metaverse. The Professional Certificate in Metaverse Publicity course gave participants a profound understanding of digital marketing, publicity, and the metaverse. They examined the sales and marketing funnel, PR stunts, next-generation user engagements, metaverse components, and metaverse creation, covering the essential concepts in each area. Participants also learned how to develop marketing campaigns based in the metaverse after learning how to combine digital marketing with metaverse experiences.

The Professional Certificate in Creative Generative AI with Design.ai and Pixlr introduced participants to the fascinating field of AI. The course provided practical training on how to use AI-driven creative tools to create unique designs and visual content. Upon completionn of the course, participants understood the fundamentals of AI-driven creativity as well as the synergy between design and AI. Creative generative AI refers to the use of artificial intelligence algorithms and models to generate unique and original content, such as artwork, music, or writing. It leverages deep learning techniques and large datasets to produce innovative outputs that mimic human creativity. By analysing patterns and trends in existing data, creative generative AI can create new combinations and variations that push the boundaries of traditional artistic expression. This technology has the potential to revolutionise various industries by providing novel ideas, inspiring human creators, and opening up new possibilities.

Both the courses allowed for active engagement and participation, and encouraged critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration skills. Interactive courses such as these enhances motivation and retention of information as it provides a more immersive and enjoyable learning experience. 

Here's to more courses under IACT's Future-Proof Certificate Series!

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