International Students Club

About Us

We are the International Students Club of Brickfields Asia College, founded in April 2019. Our club consists of a  diverse range of students and cultures  from different parts of the globe, ranging from the lovely offshores of Maldives, Madagascar, and Seychelles to the older and richer cultures of Zimbabwe, Kenya, Nigeria, Zambia, India, Pakistan, Brunei and the tropics of Papua New Guinea. We are open to all students, and are passionate about spreading the diverse cultures that we have to others through songs, dances, paintings and fun games as well as creating an atmosphere that accommodates and embraces cross cultures. We also host events where interaction between the students from different nationalities and cultures, restore our confidence; blossoming unity in diversity. The more you’re exposed to richly unique cultures; it gives you an upper edge to deal confidently with people from different nationalities. Being united in diversity is our strength. We would be glad to welcome any student with a passion for about learning new cultures, languages and getting to know students from different nationalities. Come learn and explore the limitless diverse cultures with us.

Number of members: 37
Stay connected: @intl_studentclub