International Women's Day Bazaar at BAC

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Celebrating All Women

With International Womens Day being celebrated across the world, BAC took it a step further and chose to celebrate women for a week with various events, talks and activities, to support and celebrate all women.

This week-long event from March 11th to 15th, 2024, was dedicated to honoring and empowering women from diverse backgrounds. One of the standout events during this celebration was the "International Women's Day Bazaar", where a variety of stalls offering unique and meaningful products and services were set up on college grounds.

Among the stalls featured at the bazaar were those run by women from the Afghan community and B40 households, and items on sale included exquisite handmade tablecloths, shawls, necklaces, jewellery, and traditional Afghan cuisine. Greeting you with a smile and a warm welcome, these brilliant ad resilient women showcased their bright and positive attitude that naturally attracted a crowd to support their wonderful crafts and food.

Buying products from their booths demonstrated the potential of economic empowerment in underserved communities while also giving attendees access to lovely goods, while directly supporting the care and livelihoods of Afghan women and refugees.

In addition to the Afghan women's stalls, the bazaar also featured other vendors selling a range of items such as flowers, baked goods, Indian sodas, and coffee. Each purchase made at these stalls contributed to supporting women's causes, further reinforcing the spirit of solidarity and support for women's empowerment.

Awareness and Compassion

This bazaar was not only to celebrate women but also to provide them with access to crucial knowledge about their own health and safety. With one notable presence providing this being the Breast Cancer Welfare Association Malaysia (BCWA).

BCWA actively participated in raising awareness about breast cancer among women. The team provided crucial information about the disease and offered free clinical breast examinations to all women who visited their booth.

To further support the drive to bring awareness to the dangers and early detection of breast cancer, BCWA sold pins and t-shirts, with all proceeds going directly to support their initiatives, highlighting the importance of health advocacy and support for women's health issues.

The International Women's Day Bazaar at BAC not only provided a platform for showcasing the talents and products of women from various backgrounds, but also served as a catalyst for promoting awareness, empowerment, and support for women's causes. It exemplified the college's commitment to creating inclusive and impactful events that celebrate and uplift women in the community.

Dear readers, let us not just celebrate women for a day or a week. Let us celebrate the amazing women in our lives on a daily basis - their sacrifices, their achievements, affection, compassion and intentional support; as their efforts are a crucial aspect of success in society.