JOMFESTA Event 2023 : Empowering Women in Business


Remarkable, innovative, creative, and socially responsible, the students from the BA (Hons) Film & Production programme at IACT had wonderfully crafted a two-day fundraising event called 'JOMFESTA'.

The goal of this event was to raise funds for the 'Entrepreneurship Development Programme for B40 Women in Business', a noble cause spearheaded by the UPLIFT. This event also served as the final project for students in the programme, aligning with their module, Creativity and Entrepreneurship (VCC2013).

JOMFESTA, which took place on the 28th and 29th of November at BACPAC, drew in an impressive crowd of over 100 people and successfully raised more than RM900 for the 'Entrepreneurship Development Programme for B40 Women in Business'.

A Spirit for Good

The event featured mini-stalls, each set up with care and enthusiasm by the students, showcasing their entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to making a positive impact in their community.

Offering a great variety of different products and services, which ranged from handmade crafts and delectable treats, to engaging games and fun entertainment attendees had a wide choice that kept them engaged.

With such a vibrant and positive atmosphere in the air, it really showed the effort and passion that was put in by the students to share their cause during this two-day event.

Our Objective, Their Impact

Part of the programme's main goal was toraise enough funds to provide crucial support in both training these B40 women and providing necessary opportunities for them to establish and grow their businesses.

The choice of this beneficiary showcased the students' astute observations of an important and fairly overlooked social issue, while also having the heart to contribute to the economic empowerment of underprivileged but brilliant women.

Going beyond just monetary gains for the fundraiser, the students wanted to create an awareness, shining a spotlight on how many challenges are faced by B40 women in starting and sustaining a business and inspiring others to consider similar initiatives to alleviate these challenges for these entrepreneurial women.

3 women sitting on chair
man in black long sleeve shirt holding white ceramic mug

Success for the Future

The success of 'JOMFESTA' is a shining example of how creativity and entrepreneurship can be harnessed to make a positive impact on society. By selecting women from the B40 community as their beneficiary through the 'Entrepreneurship Development Programme for B40 Women in Business', these students showcased their commitment to social responsibility and gender empowerment.

The success of the event, both in terms of funds raised and community engagement, highlights the potential of student-led initiatives to create meaningful change. As these students' graduate, their legacy will continue to inspire future generations to use their skills and talents to address societal challenges, while contributing to a better world.

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