Law Society's
Constitutional Month

Law Students, I'm sure you're all used to opening books and reading about laws and the Malaysian Constitution. Some of you may have even memorised certain portions of your textbooks. But don't you sometimes wish for more? To see these theoretical concepts being put into practice?

The BAC Law Society acknowledged the importance of a hands-on experience, and organised 'Constitutional Month' in July 2022.

The first activity on 16th July was a talk by YB Hannah Yeoh. The talk, entitled 'Good Governance' gave insight on the different ministries and branches of the Malaysian government. YB Hannah Yeoh also explained how each branch is meant to practice accountability and uphold the Federal Constitution.

Participants were also given a chance to ask YB Hannah Yeoh their own questions on the topic of good governance, which gave an even clearer understanding of the whole topic. It was an insightful talk and many students learned from it.

The Law Society then planned a visit to Parliament. On 26th July, the students took a tour of the Parliamentary building. They were given an opportunity to see where Parliamentary debates take place. They also heard from YB Hannah Yeoh once again, who spoke to them on the importance of work-life balance, even in the field of lawmaking.

The highlight of that trip was the chance for the students to sit in for part of a Parliamentary debate! They were lucky enough to have visited at the right time, earning them a once-in-a-lifetime chance to witness the lawmaking process.

The next event was called "KYRM: Know Your Responsibilities in Malaysia." Held on 29th July, this talk covered the supreme nature of the Federal Constitution, specifically Articles 5-13. Participants were informed of how these articles affected fundamental liberties in Malaysia.

They were enlightened on this issue by guest speakers Tay Kit Hoo and Kee Hui Yee, both practicing lawyers at different firms, who have been involved in family law. They dove deep into the topic, greatly educating the participants on human rights cases in Malaysia.

The Law Society was on a roll! Just one day after KYRM, they held a Parliamentary Simulation! This event held on 30th July was a chance for young people to have a voice and express their views amicably.

Participants were given the chance to draft a bill and debate it under a common theme, such as education. During this event, they had the opportunity to learn what it is like to be a Member of Parliament and the ethics of it. This was a golden opportunity as they learnt the ins and outs of Parliament. Though it was held online, that didn't stop the participants from presenting some strong ideas.

Last but not least, the Law Society visited the Palace of Justice on 1st August. They were fortunate to see the insides of the Court of Appeal, the Federal Court, and even the temporary lockup! They were briefed on the history of the building as well as the history of the court.

Besides the courtrooms, the students were also brought to visit the court library, which is open to the public. Next stop was the judicial museum, exhibiting all sorts of artefacts from the early judiciary days of Malaya, even before independence.

Find out more on what the students had to say about this and the Parliament visit in the video below!

The entire month, was definitely a fruitful one for the BAC Law Society.

They'll be back soon with more fun activities that will further augment and support your studies.

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