Law Society's Parliamentary Simulation

You don't learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing, and by falling over.
Richard Branson

Most law students in BAC get the brunt of their knowledge from reading books about law. What they study becomes what they answer in exams. BAC Law Society aims to expand that worldview by introducing students to more practical avenues of the executive, legislative, judiciary, and law enforcement bodies in Malaysia.

In the middle of January, the Law Society explored the law enforcement side of Malaysia's functions with the event "A Peek Behind the Curtain III: SPRM Uncovered." This time, they have chosen to shed light on the legislative. However, it is not enough to witness the lawmaking process at work for it to stick. As such, the BAC Law Society held their very own Parliamentary Simulation!

The Parliamentary Simulation started with an introduction to the event and explained what would happen. The simulation was divided into four parts: the first reading, the second reading, the committee stage, and the third reading. After each reading, a vote was taken to move on to the next part, as is done in Parliament.

The first reading went off without a hitch, with the government side reading the bill and addressing questions from the opposition. Although the opposition opposed the government's suggestions at every turn, the debate was a smooth one, with everyone being civil. After the vote, the session proceeded to the second reading.

At the committee stage however, as with any Parliamentary session, was when the disagreements began. Members of each side debated stating their cause, and eventually reached a compromise regarding amendments to the bill. Once settled, the session moved on to the third reading, where the bill was finally passed!

The final part of the session commenced with a speech from BAC Law Society's Club Advisor, Mr. Nathan Tharmalingam, who gave his feedback on the entire simulation, and addressed what the students could have done better. He also encouraged them to continue participating in such activities so they could enrich their student life and studies. After President William Tong and Vice President Stefanie Chai's speeches, the event came to a close.

It was definitely a learning experience for the participants and spectators, who got a chance to witness how a typical Parliament session would run. Besides giving them experience to augment what they read in their textbooks, this event also opened students up to the idea of becoming lawmakers in the future.

If you are interested in what the BAC Law Society does, visit their Instagram to find out more! See you at their next event, happening very soon!