LAWsome: Open Day

An event by BAC Law Society

On 11th March 2022, the BAC Law Society held its first physical event of the 2021/2022 tenure, the LAWsome: Open Day. The event was organised to update members on each department's accomplishments and plans, as well as to form camaraderie between the members and committee. This event was divided into two parts; the society’s presentations and the bonding session.

The event kicked off with an opening speech by Society Advisor, Mr. Nathan Maran, followed by a speech by BAC Law Society’s Vice President, who then passed the floor to the Editor-in-Chief. This segued into the presentations by representatives on the Board of Directors of each department, with each introducing their team members, job scope, past and future plans.

The Editorial Department presented all the projects they have been doing, which included the official newsletter, The Akhbar Volume II and the event write-ups which go on the Law Society website. Their future plans included producing podcasts to be posted on Spotify.

The floor was then passed to the Marketing Department. They introduced the members and job scope of their department before sharing about the department's successes in designing skills and increasing social media engagement. They then unveiled future plans which included Instagram reels, utilising the poll feature on Instagram stories, an interactive Q&A and more online contests.

Up next was the Events Management Department, who highlighted some of their responsibilities which included planning and executing events and initiatives, researching on prospective event partners, and liaising with other departments within the society. They then went on to explain the events organised by their department, which were "Let's Talk: Essentials of Job Applications," "CLP vs. BPTC," "Friday Night Fever," "A Peek Behind the Curtain" and "KYRM: Know Your Rights in Malaysia."

As the club takes a break during the impending exam season, the Events Management Department will have four initiatives lined up. They also have several events planned for the month of July, which consists of two talks, two activities, and two visits. Last but not least, there will also be a return of the club’s annual "A-Moot-eurs: Moot Simulation" in August.

The floor was then passed to the Corporate Relations Department. The department’s representative spoke of her experience in the team, describing it as a very humbling one. She mentioned that although the workload may not be as heavy in comparison to the other departments, there was quite some weight carried in their words as they act as a bridge between the club and external parties. Any invitation or query is answered by the Corporate Relations Department. This places a huge responsibility on them as they carry the society’s image. Nevertheless, the department had been successful in contacting speakers, maintaining professionalism despite the challenges faced, and maintaining healthy networking with numerous external parties.

The last presentation of the evening was from the Student Affairs Department, which is the link between BAC Law Society’s committee and its general members. To strengthen the ties between these two parties, the department had planned biweekly bonding sessions on the society’s Discord server. In future, they aim to build better interaction between the committee and members, as well as expand to other social media platforms. Additionally, the team has planned to have more networking opportunities by reaching out to other clubs and societies. The wrap-up of the presentation by the Student Affairs Department marked the end of the first session.

The bonding session then commenced with the first game of the evening, Hello Mate!, in which participants were given a topic and would then have to group themselves according to the category they fell under. This gave them a chance to get to know each other better as they were compelled into talking to one another and finding common ground. This had then separated them into five different groups for the following games.

The next game was Google Bernyanyi. In this game, the 
committee had prepared several popular English songs and directly translated some of the lyrics to Malay using Google Translate. The five teams were to read the lyrics displayed on the slides accompanied by an audio reading them out. A representative from each team had to race up to the emcees to sing out their answers. After about 35 minutes, the game came to an end and participants continued to socialise during a refreshment break.

During this period, the team with the highest marks were given a specific hint to help them figure out the Secret Committee, whereas the other four teams were given general hints. The objective of the Secret Committee was so that by the end of the final game, all teams would have obtained two hints and whichever team managed to guess the Secret Committee would receive additional marks to help boost their chances of winning the prizes. It also encouraged more communication between the general members and the committee.

The last game of the evening was Charades Train. In this game, each team had to queue facing the back of the hall. The person in front would be given a word to act out, as they would in regular charades, but to the second person only, who would then act it out to the third person and so on. The last person would have to guess the word. The teams were given marks based on how many words they could guess in the time limit. By the end of the game, all the teams were given some time to guess the Secret Committee.

Finally, the bonding session came to an end with a small prize-giving ceremony. The emcees then closed the event with a few remarks before a photo session.

Most of the participants stayed in the hall to mingle around with each other. Some of them were even taking photos and exchanging social media handles. It is safe to say that the event was a success, and the BAC Law Society hopes to hold more events to strengthen the bond between its committee and members.