Leo Club Orientation 2023

Leo Club Joined Forces

The Leo Club of BAC and the Leo Club of Sunway University joined forces to conduct an engaging Leo Orientation session. With around 45 eager and enthusiastic Leo members in attendance, this collaboration's goal was to provide a comprehensive and detailed understanding of what Leo Club is all about.

Used as a platform to equip new and old members with the knowledge and insights that are needed to operate the club as effectively and efficiently as possible, the organisers also gave a clearer understanding of what the club's mission, values, and roles are in supporting communities.

Guidance of Leo Club Veterans

The event also welcomed back two previous presidents, Timothy Tuan and Bernard Cheang, along with Leo Advisor, Leo Lion Jia Tong, as trainers for this collaboration. With this wealth of experience, the Leo Club was in good hands.

Progressing into the training sessions, the past presidents as well as the Leo advisor shared their personal experiences and stories of their time in the Leo Club. Serving as a source of inspiration for attendees, the old guard shed light on the journey a Leo member will take as part of this club.

The whole event was a significant moment for the club. Having both BAC and Sunway University club members together fostered a great spirit of unity and cooperation. This cross-club collaboration helped members from both universities broaden their perspectives, share new ideas, and develop strategies to further improve the Leo Club.

A Deeper Understanding of Leo Club

At the end of the orientation, members gained a deeper understanding of Leo Club's mission and purpose. It was a huge success, imparting important ideals into the future of Leo Club, instilling a greater sense of appreciation.

It was more than just a learning opportunity; it was a celebration of the key ideals that make the Leo Club. It celebrated leadership, unity, and, most importantly, the spirit of service to causes greater than ourselves.

With the collaboration of Leos from both institutions, this orientation has set the stage for future collaborative efforts for the club that will only see the continuous growth of these young leaders.

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