Leo Clubs Collaborate with MAB for White Cane Day

United Leos

The BAC Leo Club joint forces with the Leos of Sunway University to organise a transformative event in collaboration with the Malaysia Association for the Blind in celebration of White Cane Day.

The white cane is more than just a simple tool; it is a universal symbol of independence and empowerment for the blind and visually impaired. The mission this time was to shed light on the importance of this tool and spread awareness of the struggles faced by the visually impaired and non-sighted.

The main highlight of the whole event was the 'Blind Leading the Blind' activity. Sighted participants were blindfolded and guided through Kompleks MAB by visually impaired individuals, using a white cane to navigate. This activity was give sighted participants the experience of a visually impaired person.

The white cane is more than just a physical support for the visually impaired; it is also a key to their independence.

An Inspiring Experience for All

The event was educational and inspiring. With performances and speeches by members of the visually impaired community, the Leos got to witness talents, and tales of triumph over all forms of adversity. It was touching and left a lasting impact on the Leos.

The experience was invaluable, and both BAC and Sunway University Leos came found a deeper empathy for the community. Understanding their strengths, resilience, and talents made the event a huge success, encouraging more meaningful initiatives.

Organising activities such as this bridges the gap between the sighted and the visually impaired. The efforts for both Leo Clubs contributed not only to awareness but also to the formation of a more inclusive and compassionate society, and for Leo Club, that is their purpose to achieve.

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