Leo Club's Mental Health Awareness Project

Sometimes, it's okay to not be okay, and World Mental Health Day is here to remind us of that.

World Mental Health Day began as an initiative to raise awareness around mental health issues, to support those who struggle with mental illnesses, and to advocate for better resources for those affected by mental health issues.

The BAC LEO Club wanted to do their part in making sure that people on and around campus felt loved and supported.

In an effort to cheer students from the different colleges under BAC Education and staff alike, the Leos offered free snacks and gifts outside BACteria, the cafeteria at the PJ campus on 20th October 2022. The Leos prepared baskets filled with comforting food, and sticky notes with encouraging messages on them. Some members of the LEO Club remained on standby, to prepare more food and notes as the day went on.

Another gesture that the Leos had prepared, as part of their baskets, was a Mental Health booklet filled with infographics, statistics, and details of each Mental Health Disorder. This was a great idea on their part to spread awareness about mental health issues, and to potentially validate the unseen struggles that some people might be going through.

white bird flying during daytime

This was definitely a successful initiative by the Leos. Their resources and efforts were greatly appreciated and well received.

By the end of the day, the free gifts and comfort food that the Leos had prepared all ran out, and they met their goal of reaching out to as many people possible, creating awareness on mental health issues.