LLB (Hons) Murdoch University

via UK Transfer Degree Programme (Law)



Year 1

Common Law Reasoning & Institutions

This module introduces you to the operations of the English legal system, including classifications of law, the court structure, and the sources of law. You'll develop knowledge and understanding in this area, providing an understanding of why the English legal system is what it is today. You will be introduced to the techniques of interpreting statutes and legal cases.

Public Law

This module focuses on the core features of the UK constitution, the institutions of government, their powers and functions. You'll be introduced to key constitutional principles, and the legal and political issues related to the operation of the British Constitution.

Criminal Law

This module covers the general principles of criminal liability, a range of fatal and non-fatal offences against the person and selected offences against property. It also looks at attempts to commit offences, secondary liability and defences. You will develop the ability to explain and analyse criminal law, and will be able to apply its principles to the facts of given scenarios.

Elements of the Law of Contract

This module introduces you to the principles of contract at common law and in equity and helps you understand how these principles are applied to agreements. It covers core topics such as formation of contracts, capacity to contract and privity, performance and breach of contract and remedies for breach of contract.

Malaysian Legal System

This module introduces you to the central institutions within the Malaysian Legal System and helps you appreciate as well as understand the Federal Constitution of Malaysia through the study of the Constitution and the historical context behind it with significant references to case laws and relevant legislations.

Malaysian Constitutional Law

In this module, you will study the Federal Constitution of Malaysia, which is the supreme law of the land. It also examines the principles and structures of government, as well as the rights and responsibilities of citizens under the constitution.

Year 2

Law of Tort (Core)

This module introduces you to the organising principles of tort law, such as damage, fault, and vicarious liability. You will explore the cause of action in a negligence claim, with particular emphasis on the duty of care concept. You will understand the principles of liability governing pure economic loss, psychiatric harm, and liability of public authorities.

Land Law (Core)

This module centres on the law governing ‘real’ property, also known as land law. You will learn about various interests that can exist in land, the principles governing the creation, transfer and extinction of these interests, and the extent to which those interests are enforceable against third parties.

Law of Evidence (Elective)

The law of evidence governs what evidence may be presented and contested in the courtroom, techniques for eliciting evidence and the role of the lawyers, jury and judge in an adversarial system.

Company Law (Elective)

This module centres on the way the law regulates companies. It introduces you to the facilities that company law offers, such as limited liability and transferability of shares, as well as corresponding burdens such as duties of disclosure and compliance with statutory procedures.

Family Law (Elective)

You will learn about matters arising from the breakdown of family relationships, including divorce, dissolution of a civil partnership, financial relief remedies, child maintenance, children, domestic abuse, and cohabitees.

Legal Technology (Elective)

This module covers Legal Technology and Cyber Security with an emphasis on cyber law and the law of negligence including professional negligence and contract law in the cyber world.

Business for Lawyers (Elective)

This module introduces you to major contemporary developments in business and management, to the most influential management theories and to seminal debates about management practice. It covers the functions of management through a basic understanding of planning, organising, staffing, directing, and controlling.

Year 3

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Year 4

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