Malaysia Day: Cerita Kita!

A festival celebrating Malaysian Unity and Cultural Diversity

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Cerita Kita! Malaysia Day has come and gone. From September 14th to September 16th, 'Cerita Kita' organised a special event in collaboration with the School of Foundation and Articulation (IACT) and the Youth Club to bring Malaysia's vibrant culture, impactful stories, dreams, aspirations, and achievements to the forefront.

Focusing on Malaysian unity and cultural diversity, 'Cerita Kita' promised to create a unique platform for Malaysians to come together and celebrate their unique shared identity.

Our Story

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Cerita Kita or 'Our Story' is what it's all about. Highlighting and encapsulating the essence of what being Malaysian is: our stories, struggles, successes, celebrations, unity, and especially the arduous journey of our nation

Cerita Kita aims to elevate our individuality while uniting our differences for a common goal - the Malaysian goal. To celebrate our differences and cooperation as a nation, as the rakyat.

Festival Highlights

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The three days were filled with talent, fun games, and impactful conversations with talks and sessions featuring renowned speakers and thought leaders from a multitude of fields who shared insights and experiences with everyone who attended.

The festival saw live performances from several artists and poets. Expressing their talent and love of Malaysia through song, dance, and spoken word poetry.

With key notable performances by Shawn Finian Wong, who played the unique Saper instrument, and Azam Rais, who shared his story through poetry about growing up with a stutter and how poetry helped him overcome that personal barrier.

Games, Demos, & Food

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Visitors were treated to a variety of different activities and treats to make the event a more comfortable and memorable experience.

Fellow Malaysians got to participate in a Tanjak-making demonstration by Anis Abdul Samad. Unveiling to everyone the intricate art of Tanjak. Showcasing his skilled craftsmanship in this rare art.

As well as educational demos, visitors got to experience nostalgia with old-school Malaysian games like the strategic Congkak, the challenging Batu Seremban, and even the classic game of Mahjong.

All those games, performances, and talks really worked up an appetite for the festivalgoers. Thankfully, Cerita Kita had a couple of stalls that filled the bellies with classic Malaysian foods and snacks, such as kuih, nasi lemak, and coffee.

Malaysian Unity

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Cerita Kita was a huge success and an amazing way to celebrate Malaysia Day with what makes Malaysia, truly Malaysia. Unity!

Let us continue this celebration outside of just this special day. Let every day be Malaysia Day, and every day be a reminder that no matter our differences, physically or culturally, we are all Malaysians.