Marketing Mastery & Ad Agency Insights: A Dual Dive for Divergent Thinkers

A Masterclass by GrowthOps KL

GrowthOps is a well-known Marketing Transformation Agency on a mission to build and sustain market leaders, and with the help of IACT College, a special masterclass session by GrowthOps Kuala Lumpur (hosted by IACT College) was held on November 8, 2023.

This masterclass provided in-depth insights into the advertising industry and featured renowned members of the industry: Arshad Ahmad, Strategy Director; Chris Greenough, General Manager; and Shakira Pathmarajah, Head of Group Talent for GrowthOps.

Approach to Performance Marketing

GrowthOps's approach revolves around a mixture of digital-first strategy, technology, and design, with a key emphasis on committing to place the customer at the forefront of every campaign produced. This is to ensure the right message is delivered at the right time and place.

A major point of the masterclass was GrowthOps' strategic approach to performance marketing. Their fusion of insights, audience segmentation, data combination, and targeted strategies helps GrowthOps produce better and more profitable results when it comes to customer retention and acquisitions.

Producing evidence-based results sets them apart from the competition and showcases their expertise in the advertising industry.

Masters of Marketing

Viewing itself as a full-stack consultancy and masters of delivery, their expertise allows them to plan, build, launch, and finally optimise their best-in-class customer pathways across all crucial touchpoints for their customers.

Arshad Ahmad, Strategic Director, showcased his expertise at this masterclass, bringing valuable insights into the ever-evolving landscape of advertising strategy. Providing students with a comprehensive deep dive into understanding the present dynamics of the industry.

Engaging and Interactive

Chris Greenough, General Manager, proceeded to share his valuable knowledge and years of experience by shedding light on the general operations of what it takes to manage a successful marketing agency. Providing students with real-world perspectives on the challenges and opportunities that are faced within the advertising industry.

Shakira Pathmarajah, Head of Group Talent for GrowthOps, very importantly addressed a critical aspect that is often overlooked in more educational settings: the art of having a good interview. An incredibly valuable session was had with the students where they got to learn the dos and don'ts of having a good interview, undoubtedly equipping them with the necessary skills and information to succeed in the job market.

This masterclass proved to be more than a dissection of the marketing and advertising industry; it was an equipping session for students to prepare themselves for the job market within this industry. Proving it's more than just a one-way street of rules to succeed, the masterclass showcased a more dynamic view of the industry as a whole.

This collaboration between IACT and GrowthOps Kuala Lumpur is undoubtedly a huge success. Each student left with more knowledge of the marketing and advertising world, which has left them more equipped to take it on.

Events like this showcase the importance of having industry-academic partnerships to provide students with a holistic and deeper understanding of their chosen fields.